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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Top Bicep Exercises For Mass | Guide to Big Biceps!

The Top Exercises for Your Biceps!
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The art of the bicep 
The bicep has two muscle groups hence the Bi part in bicep.
There are two heads to the biceps muscle: the short head and the long head. This may come as a surprise to most people, but both heads of the biceps actually start (originate) at the scapula (shoulder blade), and end (insert) on the forearm.

 We're wanting to focus obviously on both muscle groups.
There's many ways to train a muscle, continue reading to find out. The thickness of the arm comes from the Tricep normally because it takes up majority of your arm hence the Tri in tricep. If you have developed biceps but lacking triceps, your arm is going to look off balanced (vice-versa).

-The function of the biceps is to flex the elbow, supinate the forearm, and flex the shoulder

“Long” vs “Short” Biceps
The long head is on the lateral (side) part of the arm, close to the lateral head of the triceps.
Focus on both long and short heads of the bicep. People lack in either the long part of the bicep or the short head of the bicep, figure out which one is lagging and improve upon that particular muscle.
Improving both heads of the bicep will develop a great Peek and thickness to your arm.
Everyone's muscle-frame is different. Some people have a greater peek, thickness and overall better development.

Bicep Exercises |  Tips

  • 1. Concentration curls *Favorite: Perfect exercise for that mind to muscle connection. Very effective exercise to build up that peak - Hits the "Short Head" of the bicep
  • 2. Hammer curls:
    Great for the Bicep Thickness - Develops the brachialis - For overall Arm Development/thickness 
  • 3. Drag curls * Great exerciseSimilar to Spider curls, it'll help create that peak, focusing on the long head helping creating that peek
  • 4. Wide Grip Barbell Curl: Great exercise for the short head
  • 5. Incline Dumbbell Curls/Preacher Curls: Great exercise for that stretch and focused on the long head of the bicep
  • 6. Reverse Curl (Dumbbell / Barbell) * amazing exercise: Focuses on brachialis heavily, implement this into your routine for good results!
  • 7. Isolation Exercises: Isolation Exercises are very effective to help lagging body parts and to build muscle. You should be isolating your biceps if you are wanting to grow them suckers.

!Don't Forget!
A well-developed brachialis muscle pushes the peak of the bicep muscle up higher, making for a more dramatic flex and an overall bigger arm.

Cheat Curls?

  • Do cheat curls work?  It will help with building up the muscle but other muscle-groups are involved. I recommend having a spotter to help with cheat curls (focus on the negatives)
  • Cheat curls can be very beneficial for two reasons:You can use more weight
    You can fully exhaust the muscle at the end of the set

Tips for Bicep-Gains

  1. Focus on TempoPut your focus on lifting the weight and lowering the weight. Maximize the tension you're putting on the muscle - the more tension, the more damage. (Examples: Moving weight slow)
  2. Focus on Hand-PlacementWide Grip, Close Grip, supination, pronation
    - They play a role on how your bicep 'activates' try it out, try different forms of lifting, it'll emphasize muscle groups that you [may] not felt before!
  3. Short Reps / Half reps Pumping the bicep - Not releasing the tension
  4. SQUEEZE the ARM! Squeeze the hell out of your arm to create those aesthetic gains!
  5. Have a Mind-to-muscle connectionYou're wanting to feel all muscles working within the biceps - try different exercises and positions to achieve that mind to muscle connection, Very important for gains!
  6. Stretch!Stretch that Bicep!
Tempo Example: Focus on these 4 points to break the muscle down much more

Tempo Examples: Concentric, Isometric and Eccentric contractions. Focus on lifting slow, pause reps, half reps, etc.

Example of Hand-placement: This Example shows the user that using this type of hand-placement will force your bicep to be much more 'activated' due to the placement of the hand. Tension [feels] is the best way to go about training, In my opinion.

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  1. Flex forwards in the waist. Keep bending frontward until the body is parallel for the ground. Be sure to maintain your brain up constantly from the Daniel DeMoss site. Your higher arm should be parallel for the ground but at the same time it should be stored near the body. It will form a 90-level position with the forearm that is certainly positioning the weight.