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Portion Control - "How it Can Help with Weight Loss" - Dieting Tips

Portion Control
Serving size can be tricky, that's where most people get confused about and end up gaining weight due to lack of knowledge...
When it comes to food consumption, I think about the amount of calories and the macro and micronutrients (mostly macros). I like to have a well-balanced meal, serving size just enough to keep me satisfied. In order to do that, you have to understand calorie count, macro count. You can simply do that by using an app to track your calories or just by reading the nutrition label. Snacking is a good example of excessive consumption of calories because I see snacks 'small' and when I see food items small, I think low calories, but think again, those 'low calories' food items add up very quickly which accumulates over time which results in weight gain. However, sometimes snacking is not the result of weight gain, it can be the meals you are consuming. There is something called, Portion Distortion. Look at this picture for example:
By …

Ways To Shred off Body Fat

Ways To Shred off Body Fat
In my previous article about, "How to Lose Body Fat" I explain and discuss ways How People Gain weight and the way you should go about losing that weight.In this article, I am going to show some examples and ways to shred off your body fat.

Knowing About Nutrition makes your life a Whole Lot Easier. You can make better decisions, it makes you aware of what you are putting in your body; If your goal is to become lean, shredded and muscular, you must eat right.
Simply Changing Up Your Lifestyle can change your physique
Key Notes of This Article: To Lose Weight: Eat less (Calorie Deficit)To Lose Weight/Fat: Workout (Cardio/weightlifting/HIIT/Etc)To Lose Weight: Eat Healthy n Clean (Vegetables, More Fiber, Healthier Food options)To Lose Fat: Manipulation of Calories, Tracking/IIFYM, Methods Cold Bedroom
🔹 This may be NEW to You but yes, sleeping in a cold bedroom has benefits! I discovered this a while back to promote more fat-loss. If your bedroom is cold,…

Make Money From Home - No Business Needed - Any Age, Anyone can make money for free!

💲 MAKING FREE MONEYat Home 💲 Who LOVES Free money? - " I do"
Introduction in Making Money From HomeSo, you are probably wondering, How in the world am I going to make money at home (from home)? Well, it requires one thing; Hustling. Hustling is a job and if you don't have that skill-set, then making money from home is not ideal for you. You must hustle in order to get what you want. Making money from nothing is easy, making money with money is easy, it all boils down to your work ethic. ANYONE, ANY AGE can make money from home. If you are a mother, a kid, teenager, adult, disabled person, a person who wants to keep making money on the daily basis known as Passive income, then you're at the right spot (:
Who is FIT to Make Money from home? - Fitness people, entrepreneurs, moms, kids, teens, absolutely anyone.
Requirement To Make Money From Home The basic requirements to start making money is to have a Debit or Credit card (or alt payment such as Paypal, etc). *Must have a …