Ways To Shred off Body Fat

Ways To Shred off Body Fat

Fat Loss Guide - 2019

In my previous article about, "How to Lose Body Fat" I explain and discuss ways How People Gain weight and the way you should go about losing that weight. In this article, I am going to show some examples and ways to shred off your body fat.

 Knowing About Nutrition makes your life a Whole Lot Easier. You can make better decisions, it makes you aware of what you are putting in your body; If your goal is to become lean, shredded and muscular, you must eat right.

Simply Changing Up Your Lifestyle can change your physique

Key Notes of This Article:
  • To Lose Weight: Eat less (Calorie Deficit)
  • To Lose Weight/Fat: Workout (Cardio/weightlifting/HIIT/Etc)
  • To Lose Weight: Eat Healthy n Clean (Vegetables, More Fiber, Healthier Food options)
  • To Lose Fat: Manipulation of Calories, Tracking/IIFYM, Methods
Cold Bedroom
🔹 This may be NEW to You but yes, sleeping in a cold bedroom has benefits! I discovered this a while back to promote more fat-loss. If your bedroom is cold, you are going to burn fat. Your metabolism speeds up during your sleep, and while you are enduring the cold, your body is much more at ease compared to a hot, irritable bedroom. So, if you got a fan, try leaving that on during the night or leave a window cracked. Read more about Sleeping in a cold bedroom -> https://www.uratex.com.ph/sleep-cold-room-health-benefis/ 

Drinking Coffee / Thermogenic Properties ( Fat Burners ) 
🔹 One of my favorite ways to help fight fat is to drink coffee! Coffee has tons of benefits for the body and mind. With its thermogenic effect, you are burning fat throughout the day. Make sure you do not add a ton of sugar and sweeteners to make it more enjoyable; consume coffee for its benefits rather. Coffee is also an appetite suppressant which helps reduce eating. "Caffeine increases thermogenesis. In other words, it tells your body to burn more calories. This stimulating effect on metabolism has, in fact, been shown through research to occur in humans. In this study, caffeine increased thermogenesis in a dose-dependent manner up to 400 mg, or about 2-3 cups of coffee."
Thermogenic Properties such as caffeine has a role on fat-loss. Green tea is an example of a fat burner; People have claimed that it works. It works simply because of the caffeine within. Spicy foods like peppers has thermogenic properties, that will help in fat-loss. Find what works with you. I find coffee very beneficial in my opinion.

Cold Showers
🔹 Similar to the Cold Bedroom method but this one, you are enduring the cold water. Taking cold showers has a lot of benefits. The trick is; when you are enduring the cold water, your body needs warmth, your body will work 'harder' to promote warmth, therefore, you are burning calories. I use this method to help burn fat (every day). It is requiring energy which will burn calories.

FASTED Workouts
🔹 I believe fasted workouts works. When you have fasted (no food/beverages), your body will begin to work harder and use vital resources in order to promote energy. I believe that your body will use the resources that are available which in returns burns calories twice as more.
* A lot of people recommend Fasted Cardio which is ideal for fat-loss!

Eat More Greens, Nuts, and Fruits (and More Fiber)
🔹 There is a whole lot of people who neglect the nutrition part of life; They do not realize that the greens, nuts, and fruits have beneficial properties. Those properties help us with recovery, mood, and overall health. If you are not eating any greens or any beneficial foods, you are going to gain weight *most likely or have a poor body image*, look and feel groggy. Eating greens will give you that refreshing feeling, it will benefit your mind and body in a positive way. Also, if you are tracking calories/macros, greens, nuts, and fruits are low in calories and super dense in nutrients - This is helpful when you are trying to eat less, gain more beneficial nutrients, and to keep your body healthy. Fiber must be taken into account - This will aid in keeping you full and keeping your digestive system healthy. A healthy operating/functional body will look and perform good.

Intense Exercises
🔹 Intense workouts burn a lot of calories. Bodybuilding or weightlifting can be ideal for fat-loss. (Long period of Cardio or intense cardio-like such as hiking can do the trick) The idea is to get your heart racing like a racehorse. That itself will make your body work harder! With that being said, be active, you have no excuse to not work out. For an intensive workout program, I recommend training hard, each body part (arms, legs, chest, back) for at least 30 minutes to an Hour. HIIT Exercises is a way to go about intense workouts. High interval intensive training. Click Here for a HIIT VIDEO

Reduce Snacking
🔹 Snacking is something that we all do, but sometimes we can get carried away. Look at the calories (or macros) of what you are eating (You can use Myfitnesspal to help manage n track calories/macros), sometimes we may consume too much which is excessive. That in result leads to weight gain. Now, imagine if you are doing this on the daily basis along with eating high portion meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner). That is a lot of calories that are being added up, especially if you are not using it for a good reason (such as working out). I find that if you reduce your snacking, you will begin to drop weight, simply because you are eating less (consuming fewer calories). Take note that I believe Sodas are snacks (or dessert in my case) because they contain a lot of sugar, carbs and it's not healthy overall...  Water (Hydration) will keep you full. Here is a Pro Tip: Drink a lot of water before every meal to fill up your stomach.

Decrease / Increase Meal Portions
🔹 Ideal if you are wanting to optimize fullness in a way. Sometimes people do not get full and end up consuming a lot of calories. Imagine that for every meal including snacks, drinks, etc. That is a lot of calories all in one day. I had a problem with this. I always consumed too many calories all in one sitting. After that, I would snack. I did not know what made me gain weight but it was the portion & the snacking. So, the trick is to optimize your meal portion. Eat fewer portions, more snacks, OR bigger meal portions, fewer snacks. Do what fits your lifestyle but be in MODERATION!
- Take note of "Portion Distortion". Read more about it on "Diet Tips"

Track Your Food Intake (Calories / Macros / IIFYM *If It Fits Your Macros)
🔹 Tracking your calories (food intake) has to be one of the best ways to help lose weight. Simply because you can manage what you are eating, and you get an insight into your food intake. Such as Macros. Macros are important to take notice of because you may be consuming more carbs which may be the problem or too many fats, etc. Manipulation of your macro intake will help in fat-loss. Using the App, "Myfitnesspal" for example, when you are inputting your food intake (the foods you are eating) you can see what the food contains (if you do not know how to read a nutrition label) and the app will tell you your quota (macro intake of the day - So you do not go overboard *which leads to weight gain*). With using the app, you can determine whether if you should eat that food or not or what alternatives it there for you... If it fits your macros (quota of the day) is ideal in my opinion. That means you only can consume "X" amount of Fats, Carbs & protein.

↪Calorie Deficit (Eat Less)↩
🔹 This is where your main focus should be on - To be in a Calorie Deficit. Being in a calorie deficit will result in weight loss simply because you have less food consumption. I recommend going on a deficit phase for about 2 weeks or more to see weight loss. Remember, over time your body will adapt to the calorie deficit, so refeed days, breaks are needed to manipulate your body.

Why People Are Gaining Weight

  • Excessive Eating/Excessive amount of macros (such as carbs/fats/protein).
  • Does not moderate food consumption (Just eating whenever you feel like it - not even hungry perhaps) *Emotional Eating*
  • Does not Eat Clean or eat beneficial foods. You may be eating nothing but junk which does not nourish your body. Junk food = bad results. Good clean foods = Good Results.
  • Does not exercise. You need to exercise in order to burn calories.
  • Not in a calorie deficit phase
  • Health problems
  • Condition

🔹 You must be consistent with everything if you are wanting to maintain a physique. So if your goal is to be shredded, lean and muscular, you must maintain your daily habits to keep your physique. Many people end up falling off because they are not consistent with their habits/work/chores. If not done, you are not committed!

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