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Portion Control

Serving size can be tricky, that's where most people get confused about and end up gaining weight due to lack of knowledge...
When it comes to food consumption, I think about the amount of calories and the macro and micronutrients (mostly macros). I like to have a well-balanced meal, serving size just enough to keep me satisfied. In order to do that, you have to understand calorie count, macro count. You can simply do that by using an app to track your calories or just by reading the nutrition label. Snacking is a good example of excessive consumption of calories because I see snacks 'small' and when I see food items small, I think low calories, but think again, those 'low calories' food items add up very quickly which accumulates over time which results in weight gain. However, sometimes snacking is not the result of weight gain, it can be the meals you are consuming. There is something called, Portion Distortion. Look at this picture for example:

By tracking your calorie intake, you can manage how much food should be on your plate/how much you should consume. People get carried away simply because they do not understand calories
For Example:  People may have too many calories for breakfast, then may have a snack later, then will have Lunch, perhaps a snack later again, then Dinner, and just maybe dessert. Now, without knowing calories and macros, you have no idea how much you have consumed. Is it excessive or not? Too many calories? It is not hard to understand, you have to understand your body. 

To simply fix this error, track your calories, divide up your meals, make sure they have a well rounded nutritional value, such as the macros. Not to much of carbs or fats, make sure you have protein, fats and carbs, nothing too excessive. Excessive leads to problems. We want a clean-eating lifestyle habit, rather than just eating desserts all the time when you are hungry or snacking, we want to incorporate foods that will benefit you, to gain energy, to help build and replenish muscles, to nourish your body with beneficial nutrients; that will help with longevity worth of things such as maintaining a good weight, being healthy in a sense of feeling good, having energy, feeling upbeat, performance is good.

The Picture above is a screenshot of the app, MyFitnesspal. MyFitnesspal is one of the calorie-tracking apps that I use. Very beneficial, it gives you details/the insight of your food item. Any food item can be logged, and given information about macros and micronutrients. Many athletes and pro bodybuilders rely on calorie-tracking apps to maintain weight, or to simply get an understanding of food consumption (such as calories in and out, macro count and micronutrient count - this can be helpful to reach your daily quota for macro and micronutrients)

Weight Loss with Portion Control Quick TIPS

  • Weigh Your Food with a Food Scale. "portion distortion" this is a very accurate precise way to track your food 
  • Divide up those calories (look at protein, fat and carb count). You may be excessively consuming too many calories in one sitting. Track/log those foods and determine whether if you are or not. (by using the myfitnesspal app)
  • Use containers to help separate food. Look at the picture above for an example.
  • Meal prep - Prepare your meals and snacks beforehand, this will give you the advantage of diving up the calories how you want it, how you want your meals to be (balanced).
  • Smaller portion meals, more meals throughout the day
  • Bigger portion meals, less snacks, less meals throughout the day
Be smart about your food consumption, don't go to excessive on the snacking or having a huge portion meal. Have everything BALANCED. Balance is the KEY!

Got any Dieting Tips for Weight Loss? Share Your tips, People would love to know!

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