Rotator Cuff Exercise - Why You should work on your Shoulders - Workout Tips

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Rotator Cuff - Strengthen the muscles - Prevent injuries, Build muscle, Get Stronger

Definition: The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles and tendons that help stabilize the shoulder. They also aid in movement. Every time you move your shoulder, you are using your rotator cuff to stabilize and help move the joint. The rotator cuff is a commonly injured area.
The Rotator cuff must payed attention to because many people have issues with their rotator cuffs. A lot of people neglect training the rotator cuff muscles. They usually end up straining the muscles causing injury due to repetitive movements, poor form, or neglecting the training for the rotator cuff muscles. For the best result of getting strong and to prevent injuries, work all muscles, never stick to one.
If you have shoulder mobility issues, you must work on your rotator cuff. They may be tight, underactive - meaning that the surrounding muscles are much more stronger than the muscles that help move your shoulder around. This will forsure cause pain. If you got an injury, you must focus on range of motion and mobility.

Here is a Video of me Doing a Rotator Cuff Exercise Routine


The Shoulder is a very delicate and complex. Improper form, sleeping wrong, loss of range of motion/decreased mobility will cause issues for you, and it may result in an injury. Always want to perform maintenance on your body - By doing Mobility work, working out, eating right.

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Getting Stronger With OSTEOGENESIS IMPERFECTA - Brittle Bones


I was born with Type 3 OI (Osteogenesis Imperfecta). When I was a baby, I broke a lot of bones, and throughout my childhood as well. Those were the peaks of my breaking time, I broke a lot; had a lot of surgeries, bed bounded, weak, and was very 'delicate.' I did not think I could not get any better or stronger. Eventually, that changed. I had to think more positive and I had to really understand myself, my limits, and what I can go beyond what I'm capable of doing; It was a test that I had to put myself through. I did, I started working out, but first I did research. Simple research regarding exercising, weightloss, etc. Nothing about my condition because as I see it, we are not much different, we are just Delicate. We have to be more cautious, aware, we have to treat ourselves much more than the average. I think that is why most people do not end up getting strong because they are limiting themselves. As a kid growing up, my Dr told me to take vitamin pills for my health, like Vitamin d3, etc. "Those vitamins" are essential for our health because we may be deficient in those vitamins. If we are deficient, our body won't be as strong as it should be therefore, we are, or I supplement my vitamins.That is ONE KEY of improving yourself, getting stronger with yourself or with OSTEOGENESIS IMPERFECTA. See, the average people take supplements as well, everyone's different, you have to know yourself. Anyways, getting stronger is improving what you could improve upon; If you are weak and fracture easily, I recommend working out. Start easy, train on mobility/flexibility and move on from that; eventually get to weight lifting because that improves and strengthens bones and muscle. Weak points must be fixed. I know mobility is an issue for me, and I believe for most OI people, so for me, I work on mobility on the Daily, I see huge improvements since I began mobility/stretching work, it is vital for health and recovery. 

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I know some of y'all got deformities and much more problems, but that is okay! Work with it, embrace it and try to work around it. Everyone is for sure not perfect, it's okay if it is challenging, that is the point - From there, you WILL get stronger. I myself work around with my issues. If you and other people can do it, y'all can too!

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