Whats Causing Fat Gain

where does fat come from and how does it get added on

Do we not all wonder about where does the fat come from? I mean, at least I do at times because I thought I was eating right. When it comes to gaining fat, you must examine your whole lifestyle. Not only foods play a role when it comes to gaining fat, your lifestyle and your body plays a role too. Lifestyle, the way you go about things, such as 'Stress and recovery.' Stress and recovery is important; Neglecting signs of either or can impact your body. For one, Stressing raises cortisol, which will make it harder for you to lose fat, and it will be much easier for fat to get added on. Also, if you are not sleeping or relaxing enough, that will also impact your body - causing much more stress and other harmful things going on. That is part of recovery (Sleep, stress less and exercising). Just because you might 'eat right' does not mean you are not going to gain fat. Fat gain comes from an accumulation of calories (eating too much - "calorie surplus"). So, let's dive in.

Calorie Surplus:
You can eat clean/right all the time if you want, but if you are eating more than needed, you are going to be in a calorie surplus phase. A Calorie Surplus means that you are consuming way more calories than you actually need, and as a result of that, your body is going to store those calories essentially because you are not using the calories as fuel. To simply figure out if you are consuming more calories than needed, you need to log your food intake (approx ~1 week to get a good understanding). Download a calorie app, "MyfitnessPal."
From there, you log your food intake, and make adjustments as necessary.
Example of A Calorie Surplus:
Calories for Today: 2,000 Calories < Surplus
Calories for Tomorrow: 1,6000 Calories < Deficit
Maintenance: Figure that on your own

Food | Nutrition | Diet
You are what you eat - I say this mainly to people who are overweight and have no idea why or how they are gaining fat. They do not realize that nutrition is hugely important when it comes to trying to improve your physique. If you are eating like dirt, you can going to look like dirt. If you eat clean, you are going to look right. Also, eating poorly has consequences; If you eat clean, you will OVERALL feel much much better. As in your mood, performance, brain clarity and much more. If Ya Eat right, Ya Feel Right, Ya Dig?

Stress | Recovery | Sleep:
Stressing causes cortisol to raise up. Cortisol is the "Stress Hormone," When you are stressing, it causes many problems, and from this, many people end up craving foods, "emotional eating" I'd say. Sugary, sweet, salty foods people tend to go for the most when they are stressed out, lack of sleep, etc. Neglecting sleep also makes it harder for you to lose weight. Make sure you are resting enough so that your body is going through the necessary steps to lose fat. The vital process of recovery is when your body is resting (sleeping), many things are happening during that stage.

This is important, very important. I see many people asking how to diet, what foods I should eat, how long should I diet for, etc, but I never see people putting in the work. You have to put in the work if you want to lose that fat and to sculpt that body. It requires consistency - If you are not consistent with your workouts, diet, nutrition, and recovery, then all of this is pointless to you -
You have to stay committed to this lifestyle that you are going about. It's not a one time thing, it's an every day thing. 

What Affects Weight Gain

  • Stress!
  • Lack of Sleep!
  • Lack of Exercise!
  • Lack of Diet or better Nutrition!
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Eating too much
Video About "Fat Gain and Fat Loss"

Stomach Fat Loss Guide
Click Here To Read "How to Reduce Stomach Fat"
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Answering Online Fitness Questions: February 2019 - The Flu, Women, Exercising, Health (Quora Fitness Topics)

Quora Q&A Fitness
Ask Tommy! Tommy (I) goes to a popular website named, "Quora" where people get to post their questions about anything hoping people from wherever will answer. Similar to Yahoo Answers.
In this Segment, I answer Fitness Questions. I go through the list, pick good questions that appeal to me, and for the community and then I give my answer, opinionated answer, to you, to hopefully help you with your progress/issues. If you have any more questions, comment or concerns, feel free to message me, comment below, etc.

Answering Online Fitness Questions

Published: February 2019

What is the best option for protein for a beginner bodybuilder?

  • A: Any protein is good for a bodybuilder, but make sure you get the good lean protein, the good nutritional protein.

Is it really possible to lose belly fat in two weeks?

  • A: Why of course, eat clean, be in a calorie deficit, incorporate fiber into your diet, drink plenty of water and exercise!

Why do my arms give out before my chest while bench pressing?

  • A: Most likely you are using your arms to bench rather your chest. Of course your arms are needed to bench, but it is the mind to muscle connection you're having issues with. You are suppose to bench with your chest. I would drop the weight down a bit, and try again til failure.

Why would someone quit being a personal trainer?

  • A: 1) Being annoyed, 2) clients going to other people, 3) Moving on

What is more important for losing weight: what I eat or how much I eat?

  • A: Both are surely important for losing weight! Do not neglect either of those.

What do you think of exercising when you're sick with a cold or flu?

  • A: If you feel like you can workout, go for it. If you're forcing and stressing yourself to workout, stay in bed. Listen to your body

How do I get abs without exercise or dieting?

  • A: Low body fat % will show your abs. being fat or overweight won't show your abs. Exercise is not needed to show your abs.

How do you force yourself into exercising?

  • A: Get ready before going to the gym or before working out, Watch videos to motivate yourself, Take preworkout!

How can I gain fat & muscle for skinny teenager girls?

  • A: Simple answer: Eat more, exercise in moderation. Be in a calorie surplus til you're satisified with the weight gain, exercise to help maintain muscle-mass and perhaps to build more muscle.

Do more people workout in the morning because of the physical benefits or because it fits with the schedule better?

  • A: Morning sessions are suitable due to people's schedule's in my opinion but it can be different for everyone. Some people need a couple of meals before going to workout, some can't workout with meals in their stomach, some people feel better in the mornings vs in the afternoons. It's a preference.

Video Response:

--Previous Topic: Losing Weight n Stay Lean

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Losing Weight and Staying Lean While Being Disabled

Staying Lean While Disabled.


Losing fat may be hard for some people, and for others, it can be really easy. It is because everyone is different. Some people got faster metabolism, some people can lose fat much quicker than others, some people do not need to put in the effort to lose that fat. If you are one of those people who is struggling to lose that fat, keep on reading because I know what it takes to lose that fat.

I'm wheelchair bounded since Kindergarten. Being overweight sucks. At first, I did not care how I looked, I enjoyed food. As I got older, I wanted a better physique and wanted to become stronger. Obviously, to get that, I needed to put in the effort. It was very easy for me to gain weight, that is because I had no exercise in my life. So, I began to exercise and doing research about 'Fat Loss.'

Fat loss comes from:

  • 1) Being in a calorie deficit
    Eating/consuming fewer calories throughout the day to continuously lose weight) 
  • 2) Exercising

Exercising requires energy or effort, Anything requires much effort will burn calories. This will lead to fat loss or weight loss.
If you are consistent with either or, you will keep losing fat.
Pretty simple way to lose fat, right? Yes it is. Very simple, in fact, people who are struggling to lose that fat do not put in 100% of their effort to lose that weight. Dieting is required; Elimination of junk food is a must, Eating clean is a must, being consistent with this is a must. Weight or fat will come back on easily if you are not consistent!

When I began to change my lifestyle around (my habits), I started to see changes. My body was looking better (face, hair), I looked more toned and I lost that stubborn fat. I have the ability to workout (exercise), so yes losing weight was a bit easier for me, but look, weight lifting requires intensity which is mind breaking for some, I use that as a fat loss tool; However, people who can do cardio will have a much easier time to lose fat. Cardio is one of the keys to losing fat quickly. Anything 'intensive' will burn a lot of calories.

Now, for those who cannot simply exercise at all, it is all about your willpower. You have to go through a calorie deficit phase to lose that fat, you must EAT CLEAN [consistently] to lose fat and to maintain a good body fat %. I myself go through this process on the daily! Sometimes I won't be in a calorie deficit because I want to gain weight, but when I want to cut, I go in a deficit phase.

Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition is important to understand. People who do not understand nutrition usually are overweight, malnourished, or underweight. You do not have to understand the whole concept about nutrition, but the basics. Understand Portion control too! Wondering if you eat to much or to less? 
You should know the differences between Clean food and Bad food. The Clean foods benefit the body in a positive way. 
For example: vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean protein, good sources of minerals, vitamins and macros.

Macros are: Protein, Fats and Carbs.

A good example of a clean meal is: Salmon, white rice, broccoli. 

For the Bad food, you should know this - Anything that has tons of crap on it. Anything in excessive amount (to much of carbs, fats or proteins - have a balanced macro meal!), is not nutritional for the body. For example: Pizza, Soda, Brownie, and wings. None of that contain nutritional value, it won't benefit the body in a positive way.  Also, that is not a macro balanced meal.

You want to eat foods that are nutritional for your body, that will benefit the body. Eating bad food will have it's consequences like: Feeling tired all the time, loss of energy and focus, no motivation, overweight, underweight, malnourished.
To understand nutrition better, google what you are eating throughout the day. See if it's beneficial or not.

What is better for a breakfast meal (What's more nutritional for the body?)

  • 1) Pancakes, Eggs, bacon, Toast w/jam, Juice for a drink, drenched in syrup.
  • 2) Eggs, toast, oatmeal, Glass of Oj, and maybe fruit on the side?

If you picked #2, you are correct. #2 has more beneficial nutrients. Why? Look, the eggs are nutritional, the oatmeal is very nourishing, the OJ is good and rich, the fruit are ideal for energy, and the toast, for some carbs. That is nutritional for the body. #1 is bad. Why? We got the pancakes Drenched in syrup. Pancakes already are non-nutritional, good in carbs perhaps low not beneficial - It is also drenched in sugar, the syrup. Not good either. The bacon, bad enough, the toast w/jam and juice is bad, non-nutritional for the body. 

-- If you were to calculate the calories and macros between the two, #2 will win overall. It has better nutrition, better and healthier macros for the body whereas #1, it is to much for us, it contains no nutritional value for the body, it's junk!

Calorie Deficit

Being in a calorie deficit will put you in a fat loss phase. To go about being in a calorie deficit, you must know how much calories you are consuming on the daily. To find this out, simply log your food intake or download a calorie counting app called, 'Myfitnesspal.' Once you have logged in all of your food and beverages, you want to reduce your daily calorie intake by ~300-500 calories. EVERY DAY. Keep doing this til you have lost the fat that you wanted. Then, you can once start eating more and more.
Example: Daily Calorie Intake: 2,000 Calories. To be in a calorie deficit, you must consume fewer calories. So, now the daily calorie intake is going to be around 1,400-1,600 calories Daily.
Manipulation of macro's can help a whole lot out too!

Tips for weight loss & staying lean:

  • Reduce or Eliminate Snacking. This could be the problem for you.
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Whenever eating a meal, look up it's nutrition; the macros. Is it friendly and balanced?
  • Drink water. Tea's and Coffee are great too. No sodas!
  • Try to get in exercise in your life. Exercise is very important for a healthy body. 
  • If you plateau'd, shock your body. You must trick it.
  • Track Calories / Macros
  • Always have a Balance Macro meal 
  • Portion Control

Questions & Answers
Safe to Starve myself for fat-loss?
Definitely not! Do not ever starve yourself. Just be in a calorie deficit about ~300-700 calories less.

Fasting  for Fat Loss?

Coffee or Tea For Fat Loss?
Coffee contains thermogenics, thermogenics can aid in fat loss. So, yes, drinking or consuming coffee or tea can help with it.

Meal Preparation?
What Should i Eat on the Daily?
- Up to you, your decision, your choice.


To sum everything up, exercise is not required but it will make your life a whole lot easier to lose fat. To easily lose fat, be in a calorie deficit. Eating clean will promote low body % considering you are eating clean, wise on nutrition, and dieting effectively.

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Cannabis Consumption - Benefits, Pro's & Con's | Narcotics Vs Marijuana Which Is better?

Cannabis Consumption - Benefits, Pro's & Con's | Narcotics Vs Marijuana Which Is better? 

Hey Everyone, my name is Tommy, I'm 22 years old and I used narcotics and marijuana before. Firstly, I began using narcotics because I have a bone condition, 'Brittle bones.' I broke a lot of bones, A LOT. Over 100 bones have been broken and repaired. I have metal rods throughout my body. To handle the pain, I was on morphine whenever I was in the hospital (and other heavy opiates), on Vicodin whenever I was at home. The medication made me feel good, helped with the pain, but made me sick... I have been taking narcotics since I was a young boy til now. So, I have years and years of drug usage (of narcotics). I did not handle narcotics well. I had to use them whenever I broke. As I got older, my pain tolerance went up, I disliked taking narcotics, I just handled the pain. However, I still took narcotics whenever I couldn't handle the pain anymore, for instance, instantly breaking a bone or If I cannot sleep.  When I reach adulthood, I researched drugs to help the pain, and to help pain overall on the daily (aches, etc). Marijuana was introduced in my life. I was not sure about it, so I did research. I found it very effective for pain management, helps with daily problems such as anxiety, depression and more. I was amazed by the benefits of marijuana. I knew the risks, the side effects, the addiction of narcotics, I did not like it at all. I liked the effect of the pain killers but the side effects was a big no for me. I wanted something better than narcotics - Marijuana was the answer.

Narcotic Benefits Pro's & Con's

  • Narcotics can really help with pain management whereas marijuana may not help as much. This of course is different from everyone else.
  • Treats Severe pain
  • Addiction
  • Death
  • Abuse
  • Affects the body - Organs

When I discovered Marijuana, I was 18. I did not have any knowledge about marijuana beforehand, I was completely new to this 'herb.' This herb was always classified as a very bad drug, I was curious if it was really bad or not, so I decided to try it when I turned 18. At first, I did not like it because I was new to it, I did not know the effects, etc. Later on as time went on, I tried it again and eventually got to the point where I like it. I saw benefits from it. I did experiments on myself with this "drug." When I needed sleep, it sure did help with sleep. When I was stressing or if anxiety came on, marijuana sure did help. When I broke a bone, I tried marijuana for pain-relief, it sure did help, a little but it helped.

Marijuana Helps with:

  • Anxiety/Panic attacks
  • Relaxing
  • Helps with Pain-Mangement as well as inflammation.
  • Helps with staying CALM and Collective 
  • Stress/tensed
  • Trouble Eating
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Be more creative
  • Focusing Better (can be different for some)
  • Helps fight Cancer
  • Alternative Pain-Medicine
  • Helps with mental problems
  • Can aid in performance
  • Can aid in weight loss
Of course there are downsides of marijuana.
 The downsides are: Addiction, Cancer risk, causing mental problems, lung problems, allergic, perhaps the total opposite of the pro's. 

Marijuana outweighs Narcotics by a whole lot, but it all depends on your goal. Many people who suffer from chronic pain NEED pain killers - Narcotics to get the job done right. But for some, marijuana is not the answer for pain management.

ALSO! If you were to research the fatality rate of Narcotic abuse - it's beyond crazy. It is crazy to think that Narcotics are so Addictive. Many people die to overdose, and abusing the drug. If you are not prescribed pain killers, I would not advise to abuse them nor to even consume them. Marijuana is surely a better and healthier alternative.

The point of this article is to inform you about narcotics vs marijuana, which is HEALTHIER and more suitable for the average; Less risks, more benefits, which is better.
Narcotics are good, but in moderation. 

Questions & Answers 

So, Should I get off Narcotics?
If you are taking to much, abusing them, feeling sick or addicted to them, yes, Quit because its going to get harder to stop. If you feel like there is something better out there, do your research. Kratom is also an alternative for pain management, etc. It's a herb. I stopped narcotics because of it's side-effects. Making me feel sick all the time. Narcotics can impact your health!

So, Marijuana is the best way to treat anything & everything?
Absolutely not - There are other ways to help treat something. Like Kratom, it can help with pain, aches, etc. CBD OIL, that is not psychoactive. 

Marijuana Vs CBD (THC VS CBD)
Marijuana has two properties; CBD and THC. The THC is the property that makes you feel HIGH, whereas the CBD is the healing effect, not making you HIGH. So, if you do not want to feel high and only receive it's healing benefits, use CBD OIL rather.

Marijuana and Narcotic Consumption?
I would not recommend or advise this at all. 

  • if consuming marijuana, don't become dependant on it, you may become addictive.
  • Cycle on and off marijuana because you can build up a tolerance to it.
  • There are many ways to consume marijuana - smoking, eating, vaping, etc.
  • You may need a Dr note to buy marijuana.
  • Marijuana is not a gateway drug nor does it affect you as much as narcotics and alcohol do.
  • Never abuse either or.
  • If you got ANY serious medicial problems, speak to your Dr first before trying marijuana or narcotics.
Comment Down Below for your input
Which Do you think is better pain management and overall treatment?
Comment in the comment section below.

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16 Year Old Tristyn Lee A Natural Bodybuilder or is he on Steroids?

Tristyn Lee, 16-Year-old Teenage Boy, who likes Soccer and loves bodybuilding. 

Many people call him out for using gear/steroids, and that he is fake. In my opinion, he is all natural. He is a beast, dedicated kid who has a passion for bodybuilding. You can see his dedication by learning from the greatest - Jeremy Buendia, Larry Wheels, EddyActive etc.
He is no different from anyone else, he is young and dedicated. His frame however is small - You have to take that into consideration. People who have a smaller frame will look 'bigger' due to their frame but other than that, it is not a big deal. I believe he is natural because he has serious dedication, he knows what he is doing, and I doubt that a kid will take Juice. Just because he looks great, he should not be accused of taking juice; The juice helps build and recover muscle much quicker but you still need to put in the hard work. Without hard work, there is no muscle building progress. Muscle building requires an intense workout, good nutrition and diet, and a proper way of training. You can pinpoint who is a dedicated bodybuilder vs an Average gym-goer; Essentially the person who has thicker, fuller muscles with striations, etc, is a good sign of a good work ethic.(IN MY OPINION). Tristyn clearly shows his work ethic, he clearly shows his passion for this sport.

My input video:

Even though he is young, he is well knowledgable in this type of field. Bodybuilding in general requires knowledge, you must know yourself, your body, the food, and many other things. It can be very tedious to go about. He has gone with the Pro's, learning from them, and obviously implementing it into his lifestyle to become like them, possibly better. 

Look At His Workout Videos, He's Phenomenal

His 1 Year Transformation

People who assume he is juicing are not taking anything into consideration. Perhaps you are jealous and you do not put in the effort to achieve that type of a physique. I have seen those people - You are all talk, not working. You must be willing to make sacrifices, go through pain, learn from others, do things the right and proper way. His physique did not come very quick nor sudden, it came along gradually, slowly but surely. By staying consistent, hitting the workouts hard and learning from the GOATS, you will begin to grow, no questions, no doubt. He's natural. Correct me if I'm wrong but I doubt I am.

Previous ArticleIntermittent Fasting - Should you go about it? 2019*


Intermittent Fasting - Should You Fast? *2019*


Intermittent Fasting is popular amongst most people because it helps with weight loss. It helps with weight loss, staying strict on your diet, appreciating food much more.
The Definition:
Intermittent fasting is an eating style where you eat within a specific time period, and fast the rest of the time. Though intermittent fasting is an effective way to lose weight, it's less a diet and more a lifestyle choice.
 I love to fast. It has a lot of benefits. The benefits are shocking because I never knew it would help.

🔼What Are the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

  • Helps with Weight Loss
  • Increased Performance. Felt like I had more energy, less "Sluggish." 
  • Helps maintain a good healthy eating lifestyle (Diet)
  • Helps maintain cravings, over-eating/Binge Eating
The reason why I feel Intermittent Fasting helps is because we, people, tend to excessively consume bad things. When we do, our body is either using it for a good reason or it's hurting the body. 
Fasting helps by essentially reducing your food intake (lower calories perhaps), it (may) help with eating more clean, you are not over-eating (in a way, you're eating within a "window time" - not eating all day "binge eating") helps with maintaining your routine.

I skip breakfast each day and eat two meals, the first around 1pm and the second around 8pm. Then, I fast for 16 hours until I start eating again the next day at 1pm.

🔼How To "Intermittent Fast"

Intermittent Fasting is simply not consuming any calories for certain amount of time. Example: 9PM - 1AM
That is the window time that you are not eating or consuming any calories. During that time, your body is essentially using resources to provide you energy. When this happens, you are burning calories. 
This happens because insulin levels are lowered while growth hormone and noradrenaline levels are increased, increasing the breakdown of body fat for energy. 

🔼Weight Loss By Fasting

Intermittent Fasting helps with Weight Loss simply due to the eating routine. The eating routine is a set schedule, so it should help with weight loss. This is by limiting the day/shortening the day of eating - so you are only eating for couple of hours. *Or Skipping Meals in short terms - When Intermittent Fasting, People tend to skip breakfast til lunch or dinner.*
 Some people tend to eat all day (snacking). THAT could be possibly causing you to gain weight. During the Intermittent Fast, your body needs energy, while depleted, it will grab your fat resources in order to provide your body the energy it needs, therefore burning calories aka fat. Although this may plateau, you need to shock your body again. Perhaps refeeds, calorie surplus.  Sometimes fasting is not in people's favor though.

🔼Negative Effects of Intermittent Fasting

I like to fast for at least 16 hours every day because it helps with my lifestyle. Everyone Fasts, it is not like no one does it. Believe me, you fasted before. How did you feel when you did not EAT any food or drink any beverages (such as soda/juices)? I bet you felt tired, perhaps irritable, craving food badly, right? If so, then yes I had those symptoms too when I do not eat. I actually get angry and pissed when I do not eat anything. But I make sacrifices in order to achieve what I want. 
  • Loss of Energy
  • Irritable
  • Cravings 
  • Health issues (low blood sugar levels, etc) I WOULD NOT ADVISE GOING WITH THIS CHOICE - SPEAK TO YOUR DR.
  • Loss of Calories (if you don't get enough)

Intermittent Fasting Do's & Don'ts

  • Do: Exercise - Don't go to hard considering you're low on calories.
  • Do: Drink plenty of water
  • Do not: Eat any food, drink any beverages other than black coffee, and water.
  • Intermittent fasting does not restrict your food selection.
  • This is not a Diet  
  • Do: Listen to your body
  • Do not: Fast until you are starving - Do not STARVE yourself.
Intermittent Fasting is awesome, if you could do it. It is forsure not for everyone, you are not missing out on anything really to be honest. For the "Fat Loss" it comes from restricting your calorie intake, possibly reduced calories throughout the day - Successfully using calories wisely. It also hepls with your lifestyle - If you are overeating, try fasting. Binge Eating? Try fasting. Feeling like crap all-day every-day? Try Intermittent Fasting. The foods and beverages we consume can be junky, meaning it has no good nutritional value - therefore causing problems for the body. If you eat clean, you should feel good, upbeat with lots of energy. If you are eating dirty, you will feel the opposite.

  • Helps with Weight Loss. By Restricting calories
  • Develops a strong mindset
  • Helps with overeating/binge-eating
  • Health Benefits
  • Improve performance and mental clarity 

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Answering Online Fitness Questions - January 2019

February 05, 2019 0 Comments

Answering Quora's Fitness Questions

Ask Tommy! Tommy (I) goes to a popular website named, "Quora" where people get to post their questions about anything hoping people from wherever will answer. Similar to Yahoo Answers.
In this Segment, I answer Fitness Questions. I go through the list, pick good questions that appeal to me, and for the community and then I give my answer, opinionated answer, to you, to hopefully help you with your progress/issues. If you have any more questions, comment or concerns, feel free to message me, comment below, etc.


Published on Jan 23, 2019

What is the fastest way to lose weight regardless of safety?
- The fastest way has to be: 1) Be in a calorie deficit. 2) Eat less carbs and fats. 3) Cardio/intensive workouts. 4) Be patient and give it time. 5) You can drop water weight, find ways to help with that. 7) Do not starve yourself, Do drink plenty of water (stay hydrated).
How do you lose weight if you love unhealthy food and cannot resist it?
- You have to have a disciplined mindset if you want to achieve anything in life. If unhealthy food is causing the problem, then you should know that you should avoid it at all costs. Stay away from it; only go after it when you are going to have a cheat meal.
How do you get in shape if going to a gym is not possible?
- The gym is just a place with lots of options to choose from. That however is no excuse to get in shape. You literally can workout at home with no equipment, just using your own bodyweight is good enough. Pushups, situps, You know, the basics!
Can you lose a lot of weight on the Keto diet and ruin your health?
- I am no expert on the Keto Diet, but I know one thing. I went along with the keto diet for a while. It made me feel sick, irritable, loss of energy, no motivation. It did however made me a lose a lot of weight. So yes, it is beneficial for weight loss, but for the long run? I recommend no, but everyone is different. If you feel good with it, go with it. I rather stick with a balance diet lifestyle.
*When training at the gym, should you focus on the weak points at the beginning or end of the workout?
- Yes of course. You want to prioritize all the weak links first. That is because you are more focused, the peak of your energy is still there, overall you'll attack the area much better.
Do you need pre-workout to go to the gym?
- Preworkout is not needed to go to the gym. It will help with focus, strength, energy, etc. However, eating certain foods will provide that.
If you’re trying to lose weight is it ok to drink club soda?
Yes and no. I prefer to stay away from soda in general. If you find that soda is causing a huge problem, avoid it. But drink sodas in moderation, don't drink it too much - Only on occasions, I'd say.
How can I lose forty pounds by summer?
- Cardio, Eating Clean, Eliminating Junk Food, Sleeping right, Weight Lift, and patience.
What is the best way to to start the day? Breakfast first or exercise first?
- Whatever you feel like doing. Everyone is different, everyone likes a different time and place to do things.

Published on Jan 30, 2019

What exercises should I do to lose weight?
Any Exercise does the trick, but look up HIIT. High intensity interval trainng is very effective for weight loss.

Why do so many young women spend up to 70% of their time at the gym sitting on their butts on a machine and texting? Do they really think that they’re working out?
Who knows

What is the best post-workout drink for weight loss?
A smoothie, protein shake or anything that has low calories but with rich-nutritional value to nourish your body.

What things do I need to eat daily to build muscle?
Calories, Fats, Carbs and protein. Protein is vital, carbs and fats are too. Eat right, don't fall off, you will start building muscle, along with good workouts!

How can I gain weight? I am very underweight, my height is 6 ft and weight is 43 kg and I am 17 years old.
Track your calories, then add 500~ calories to your meal(s) everyday. Keep doing this til your weight increases. (This is known to be in a calorie Surplus!)

How long should I space my leg days at the gym? 
Depends on you and your goal. If you have done an intense workout, space it every 2+ days, if it's a casual workout, you can workout the next day. Go with how you feel. 

How much will working out daily benefit me now and In the future?
It benefits you by promoting health; Strength, endurance, agility, helps with mental (depression), you are more agressive - there is a whole lot of benefits of why you should be working out. Overall, your body maintenance, therefore, working out has its longevity benefits.
What’s your go to preworkout meal?
- I recommend having a good balance meal; carbs, fats and of course protein. Depends on your goal of the day. High carbs for heavy intense days.

 I’m still in pain two days after my workout. Should I workout today or wait till the pain subsides? 
If it is a nagging pain, Stay away and recover longer. If its fine and you can use full range of motion and it's not on your mind, you should be fine to go.

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