16 Year Old Tristyn Lee A Natural Bodybuilder or is he on Steroids?

Monday, February 11, 2019

16 Year Old Tristyn Lee A Natural Bodybuilder or is he on Steroids?

Tristyn Lee, 16-Year-old Teenage Boy, who likes Soccer and loves bodybuilding. 

Many people call him out for using gear/steroids, and that he is fake. In my opinion, he is all natural. He is a beast, dedicated kid who has a passion for bodybuilding. You can see his dedication by learning from the greatest - Jeremy Buendia, Larry Wheels, EddyActive etc.
He is no different from anyone else, he is young and dedicated. His frame however is small - You have to take that into consideration. People who have a smaller frame will look 'bigger' due to their frame but other than that, it is not a big deal. I believe he is natural because he has serious dedication, he knows what he is doing, and I doubt that a kid will take Juice. Just because he looks great, he should not be accused of taking juice; The juice helps build and recover muscle much quicker but you still need to put in the hard work. Without hard work, there is no muscle building progress. Muscle building requires an intense workout, good nutrition and diet, and a proper way of training. You can pinpoint who is a dedicated bodybuilder vs an Average gym-goer; Essentially the person who has thicker, fuller muscles with striations, etc, is a good sign of a good work ethic.(IN MY OPINION). Tristyn clearly shows his work ethic, he clearly shows his passion for this sport.

My input video:

Even though he is young, he is well knowledgable in this type of field. Bodybuilding in general requires knowledge, you must know yourself, your body, the food, and many other things. It can be very tedious to go about. He has gone with the Pro's, learning from them, and obviously implementing it into his lifestyle to become like them, possibly better. 

Look At His Workout Videos, He's Phenomenal

His 1 Year Transformation

People who assume he is juicing are not taking anything into consideration. Perhaps you are jealous and you do not put in the effort to achieve that type of a physique. I have seen those people - You are all talk, not working. You must be willing to make sacrifices, go through pain, learn from others, do things the right and proper way. His physique did not come very quick nor sudden, it came along gradually, slowly but surely. By staying consistent, hitting the workouts hard and learning from the GOATS, you will begin to grow, no questions, no doubt. He's natural. Correct me if I'm wrong but I doubt I am.

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  1. I read that hes taking Growth hormone Therapy due to his small stature and a possible pituitary gland issue

    1. I heard that too, but not completely sure about it

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