Muscle Building: Why You Are Not Building Muscle

Muscle Building: Why You Are Not Building Muscle 💪

Building muscle is harder than most people think because you have to be committed to the lifestyle, you must know how your body works, what causes problem (such as inflammation) to your body, and having the knowledge to go about building muscle. There are two things that must be focused on; Workouts and Eating. If you are not working your muscles hard enough, you are not going to grow. You must go hard, really break those muscle fibers down! From there, Eating will help you recover and to grow; the Calories is important, also the nutrients you are consuming. If one of the other is off track, muscle building is going to be hard. You must be on your A-GAME!

In order to grow muscle,

 You must eat. Calories are important - lack of it will hinder your muscle building progress; the calories contain macro/micro nutrients, but we are focused on macros - Fats, Protein and Carbs. Those are vital for growth. Protein is obviously needed if you did not know that, carbs and fats, you get to decide on how much you should be consuming of. However, the lack of carbs or fats (and proteins) can hinder your progress, so this is when you have to 'know your body.' Everyone's different, so you must play around with the calories/macros. The easiest way to understand macro's and calories, is by using a Calorie/Macro App called, "MyFitnessPal." It will help you log your food intake, give you insight about the calories and macros. If you are underfed (under-calories), you are not 'growing' you need to be in a calorie surplus in order to grow. To find if you are being under fed, simply log your food intake to see. It's also logging your weight. Using a scale for about a week along with logging your food intake is a good way to accurately tell yourself how much calories you are eating on the daily. From this information you have gathered, you can adjust your lifestyle now; eating more, adding more food, etc. 

Working out for Muscle Gainz

As you read, nutrition, food/calories are vital for growth. If you are eating good enough, you should be building muscle. However, if your workouts are not intense enough for your muscles, you aren't going to grow with those foods you have been consuming because they have no where to go, in a sense because muscle fibers are not broken down, therefore, how can you 'get bigger?' Simply you cannot, you will just store the calories (possibly or burn it depending on your lifestyle) which will in return convert into Fat, which we do not want. So, the trick is, work your ass off! Work harder than last time.
 Simple but yet tedious because you have to stay on top of your game.


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