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Answering Online Fitness Questions - January 2019

Answering Quora's Fitness Questions

Ask Tommy! Tommy (I) goes to a popular website named, "Quora" where people get to post their questions about anything hoping people from wherever will answer. Similar to Yahoo Answers.
In this Segment, I answer Fitness Questions. I go through the list, pick good questions that appeal to me, and for the community and then I give my answer, opinionated answer, to you, to hopefully help you with your progress/issues. If you have any more questions, comment or concerns, feel free to message me, comment below, etc.


Published on Jan 23, 2019

What is the fastest way to lose weight regardless of safety?
- The fastest way has to be: 1) Be in a calorie deficit. 2) Eat less carbs and fats. 3) Cardio/intensive workouts. 4) Be patient and give it time. 5) You can drop water weight, find ways to help with that. 7) Do not starve yourself, Do drink plenty of water (stay hydrated).
How do you lose weight if you love unhealthy food and cannot resist it?
- You have to have a disciplined mindset if you want to achieve anything in life. If unhealthy food is causing the problem, then you should know that you should avoid it at all costs. Stay away from it; only go after it when you are going to have a cheat meal.
How do you get in shape if going to a gym is not possible?
- The gym is just a place with lots of options to choose from. That however is no excuse to get in shape. You literally can workout at home with no equipment, just using your own bodyweight is good enough. Pushups, situps, You know, the basics!
Can you lose a lot of weight on the Keto diet and ruin your health?
- I am no expert on the Keto Diet, but I know one thing. I went along with the keto diet for a while. It made me feel sick, irritable, loss of energy, no motivation. It did however made me a lose a lot of weight. So yes, it is beneficial for weight loss, but for the long run? I recommend no, but everyone is different. If you feel good with it, go with it. I rather stick with a balance diet lifestyle.
*When training at the gym, should you focus on the weak points at the beginning or end of the workout?
- Yes of course. You want to prioritize all the weak links first. That is because you are more focused, the peak of your energy is still there, overall you'll attack the area much better.
Do you need pre-workout to go to the gym?
- Preworkout is not needed to go to the gym. It will help with focus, strength, energy, etc. However, eating certain foods will provide that.
If you’re trying to lose weight is it ok to drink club soda?
Yes and no. I prefer to stay away from soda in general. If you find that soda is causing a huge problem, avoid it. But drink sodas in moderation, don't drink it too much - Only on occasions, I'd say.
How can I lose forty pounds by summer?
- Cardio, Eating Clean, Eliminating Junk Food, Sleeping right, Weight Lift, and patience.
What is the best way to to start the day? Breakfast first or exercise first?
- Whatever you feel like doing. Everyone is different, everyone likes a different time and place to do things.

Published on Jan 30, 2019

What exercises should I do to lose weight?
Any Exercise does the trick, but look up HIIT. High intensity interval trainng is very effective for weight loss.

Why do so many young women spend up to 70% of their time at the gym sitting on their butts on a machine and texting? Do they really think that they’re working out?
Who knows

What is the best post-workout drink for weight loss?
A smoothie, protein shake or anything that has low calories but with rich-nutritional value to nourish your body.

What things do I need to eat daily to build muscle?
Calories, Fats, Carbs and protein. Protein is vital, carbs and fats are too. Eat right, don't fall off, you will start building muscle, along with good workouts!

How can I gain weight? I am very underweight, my height is 6 ft and weight is 43 kg and I am 17 years old.
Track your calories, then add 500~ calories to your meal(s) everyday. Keep doing this til your weight increases. (This is known to be in a calorie Surplus!)

How long should I space my leg days at the gym? 
Depends on you and your goal. If you have done an intense workout, space it every 2+ days, if it's a casual workout, you can workout the next day. Go with how you feel. 

How much will working out daily benefit me now and In the future?
It benefits you by promoting health; Strength, endurance, agility, helps with mental (depression), you are more agressive - there is a whole lot of benefits of why you should be working out. Overall, your body maintenance, therefore, working out has its longevity benefits.
What’s your go to preworkout meal?
- I recommend having a good balance meal; carbs, fats and of course protein. Depends on your goal of the day. High carbs for heavy intense days.

 I’m still in pain two days after my workout. Should I workout today or wait till the pain subsides? 
If it is a nagging pain, Stay away and recover longer. If its fine and you can use full range of motion and it's not on your mind, you should be fine to go.

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