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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Answering Online Fitness Questions: February 2019 - The Flu, Women, Exercising, Health (Quora Fitness Topics)

Quora Q&A Fitness
Ask Tommy! Tommy (I) goes to a popular website named, "Quora" where people get to post their questions about anything hoping people from wherever will answer. Similar to Yahoo Answers.
In this Segment, I answer Fitness Questions. I go through the list, pick good questions that appeal to me, and for the community and then I give my answer, opinionated answer, to you, to hopefully help you with your progress/issues. If you have any more questions, comment or concerns, feel free to message me, comment below, etc.

Answering Online Fitness Questions

Published: February 2019

What is the best option for protein for a beginner bodybuilder?

  • A: Any protein is good for a bodybuilder, but make sure you get the good lean protein, the good nutritional protein.

Is it really possible to lose belly fat in two weeks?

  • A: Why of course, eat clean, be in a calorie deficit, incorporate fiber into your diet, drink plenty of water and exercise!

Why do my arms give out before my chest while bench pressing?

  • A: Most likely you are using your arms to bench rather your chest. Of course your arms are needed to bench, but it is the mind to muscle connection you're having issues with. You are suppose to bench with your chest. I would drop the weight down a bit, and try again til failure.

Why would someone quit being a personal trainer?

  • A: 1) Being annoyed, 2) clients going to other people, 3) Moving on

What is more important for losing weight: what I eat or how much I eat?

  • A: Both are surely important for losing weight! Do not neglect either of those.

What do you think of exercising when you're sick with a cold or flu?

  • A: If you feel like you can workout, go for it. If you're forcing and stressing yourself to workout, stay in bed. Listen to your body

How do I get abs without exercise or dieting?

  • A: Low body fat % will show your abs. being fat or overweight won't show your abs. Exercise is not needed to show your abs.

How do you force yourself into exercising?

  • A: Get ready before going to the gym or before working out, Watch videos to motivate yourself, Take preworkout!

How can I gain fat & muscle for skinny teenager girls?

  • A: Simple answer: Eat more, exercise in moderation. Be in a calorie surplus til you're satisified with the weight gain, exercise to help maintain muscle-mass and perhaps to build more muscle.

Do more people workout in the morning because of the physical benefits or because it fits with the schedule better?

  • A: Morning sessions are suitable due to people's schedule's in my opinion but it can be different for everyone. Some people need a couple of meals before going to workout, some can't workout with meals in their stomach, some people feel better in the mornings vs in the afternoons. It's a preference.

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