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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Cannabis Consumption - Benefits, Pro's & Con's | Narcotics Vs Marijuana Which Is better?

Cannabis Consumption - Benefits, Pro's & Con's | Narcotics Vs Marijuana Which Is better? 

Hey Everyone, my name is Tommy, I'm 22 years old and I used narcotics and marijuana before. Firstly, I began using narcotics because I have a bone condition, 'Brittle bones.' I broke a lot of bones, A LOT. Over 100 bones have been broken and repaired. I have metal rods throughout my body. To handle the pain, I was on morphine whenever I was in the hospital (and other heavy opiates), on Vicodin whenever I was at home. The medication made me feel good, helped with the pain, but made me sick... I have been taking narcotics since I was a young boy til now. So, I have years and years of drug usage (of narcotics). I did not handle narcotics well. I had to use them whenever I broke. As I got older, my pain tolerance went up, I disliked taking narcotics, I just handled the pain. However, I still took narcotics whenever I couldn't handle the pain anymore, for instance, instantly breaking a bone or If I cannot sleep.  When I reach adulthood, I researched drugs to help the pain, and to help pain overall on the daily (aches, etc). Marijuana was introduced in my life. I was not sure about it, so I did research. I found it very effective for pain management, helps with daily problems such as anxiety, depression and more. I was amazed by the benefits of marijuana. I knew the risks, the side effects, the addiction of narcotics, I did not like it at all. I liked the effect of the pain killers but the side effects was a big no for me. I wanted something better than narcotics - Marijuana was the answer.

Narcotic Benefits Pro's & Con's

  • Narcotics can really help with pain management whereas marijuana may not help as much. This of course is different from everyone else.
  • Treats Severe pain
  • Addiction
  • Death
  • Abuse
  • Affects the body - Organs

When I discovered Marijuana, I was 18. I did not have any knowledge about marijuana beforehand, I was completely new to this 'herb.' This herb was always classified as a very bad drug, I was curious if it was really bad or not, so I decided to try it when I turned 18. At first, I did not like it because I was new to it, I did not know the effects, etc. Later on as time went on, I tried it again and eventually got to the point where I like it. I saw benefits from it. I did experiments on myself with this "drug." When I needed sleep, it sure did help with sleep. When I was stressing or if anxiety came on, marijuana sure did help. When I broke a bone, I tried marijuana for pain-relief, it sure did help, a little but it helped.

Marijuana Helps with:

  • Anxiety/Panic attacks
  • Relaxing
  • Helps with Pain-Mangement as well as inflammation.
  • Helps with staying CALM and Collective 
  • Stress/tensed
  • Trouble Eating
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Be more creative
  • Focusing Better (can be different for some)
  • Helps fight Cancer
  • Alternative Pain-Medicine
  • Helps with mental problems
  • Can aid in performance
  • Can aid in weight loss
Of course there are downsides of marijuana.
 The downsides are: Addiction, Cancer risk, causing mental problems, lung problems, allergic, perhaps the total opposite of the pro's. 

Marijuana outweighs Narcotics by a whole lot, but it all depends on your goal. Many people who suffer from chronic pain NEED pain killers - Narcotics to get the job done right. But for some, marijuana is not the answer for pain management.

ALSO! If you were to research the fatality rate of Narcotic abuse - it's beyond crazy. It is crazy to think that Narcotics are so Addictive. Many people die to overdose, and abusing the drug. If you are not prescribed pain killers, I would not advise to abuse them nor to even consume them. Marijuana is surely a better and healthier alternative.

The point of this article is to inform you about narcotics vs marijuana, which is HEALTHIER and more suitable for the average; Less risks, more benefits, which is better.
Narcotics are good, but in moderation. 

Questions & Answers 

So, Should I get off Narcotics?
If you are taking to much, abusing them, feeling sick or addicted to them, yes, Quit because its going to get harder to stop. If you feel like there is something better out there, do your research. Kratom is also an alternative for pain management, etc. It's a herb. I stopped narcotics because of it's side-effects. Making me feel sick all the time. Narcotics can impact your health!

So, Marijuana is the best way to treat anything & everything?
Absolutely not - There are other ways to help treat something. Like Kratom, it can help with pain, aches, etc. CBD OIL, that is not psychoactive. 

Marijuana Vs CBD (THC VS CBD)
Marijuana has two properties; CBD and THC. The THC is the property that makes you feel HIGH, whereas the CBD is the healing effect, not making you HIGH. So, if you do not want to feel high and only receive it's healing benefits, use CBD OIL rather.

Marijuana and Narcotic Consumption?
I would not recommend or advise this at all. 

  • if consuming marijuana, don't become dependant on it, you may become addictive.
  • Cycle on and off marijuana because you can build up a tolerance to it.
  • There are many ways to consume marijuana - smoking, eating, vaping, etc.
  • You may need a Dr note to buy marijuana.
  • Marijuana is not a gateway drug nor does it affect you as much as narcotics and alcohol do.
  • Never abuse either or.
  • If you got ANY serious medicial problems, speak to your Dr first before trying marijuana or narcotics.
Comment Down Below for your input
Which Do you think is better pain management and overall treatment?
Comment in the comment section below.

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