Losing Weight and Staying Lean While Being Disabled

Staying Lean While Disabled.


Losing fat may be hard for some people, and for others, it can be really easy. It is because everyone is different. Some people got faster metabolism, some people can lose fat much quicker than others, some people do not need to put in the effort to lose that fat. If you are one of those people who is struggling to lose that fat, keep on reading because I know what it takes to lose that fat.

I'm wheelchair bounded since Kindergarten. Being overweight sucks. At first, I did not care how I looked, I enjoyed food. As I got older, I wanted a better physique and wanted to become stronger. Obviously, to get that, I needed to put in the effort. It was very easy for me to gain weight, that is because I had no exercise in my life. So, I began to exercise and doing research about 'Fat Loss.'

Fat loss comes from:

  • 1) Being in a calorie deficit
    Eating/consuming fewer calories throughout the day to continuously lose weight) 
  • 2) Exercising

Exercising requires energy or effort, Anything requires much effort will burn calories. This will lead to fat loss or weight loss.
If you are consistent with either or, you will keep losing fat.
Pretty simple way to lose fat, right? Yes it is. Very simple, in fact, people who are struggling to lose that fat do not put in 100% of their effort to lose that weight. Dieting is required; Elimination of junk food is a must, Eating clean is a must, being consistent with this is a must. Weight or fat will come back on easily if you are not consistent!

When I began to change my lifestyle around (my habits), I started to see changes. My body was looking better (face, hair), I looked more toned and I lost that stubborn fat. I have the ability to workout (exercise), so yes losing weight was a bit easier for me, but look, weight lifting requires intensity which is mind breaking for some, I use that as a fat loss tool; However, people who can do cardio will have a much easier time to lose fat. Cardio is one of the keys to losing fat quickly. Anything 'intensive' will burn a lot of calories.

Now, for those who cannot simply exercise at all, it is all about your willpower. You have to go through a calorie deficit phase to lose that fat, you must EAT CLEAN [consistently] to lose fat and to maintain a good body fat %. I myself go through this process on the daily! Sometimes I won't be in a calorie deficit because I want to gain weight, but when I want to cut, I go in a deficit phase.

Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition is important to understand. People who do not understand nutrition usually are overweight, malnourished, or underweight. You do not have to understand the whole concept about nutrition, but the basics. Understand Portion control too! Wondering if you eat to much or to less? 
You should know the differences between Clean food and Bad food. The Clean foods benefit the body in a positive way. 
For example: vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean protein, good sources of minerals, vitamins and macros.

Macros are: Protein, Fats and Carbs.

A good example of a clean meal is: Salmon, white rice, broccoli. 

For the Bad food, you should know this - Anything that has tons of crap on it. Anything in excessive amount (to much of carbs, fats or proteins - have a balanced macro meal!), is not nutritional for the body. For example: Pizza, Soda, Brownie, and wings. None of that contain nutritional value, it won't benefit the body in a positive way.  Also, that is not a macro balanced meal.

You want to eat foods that are nutritional for your body, that will benefit the body. Eating bad food will have it's consequences like: Feeling tired all the time, loss of energy and focus, no motivation, overweight, underweight, malnourished.
To understand nutrition better, google what you are eating throughout the day. See if it's beneficial or not.

What is better for a breakfast meal (What's more nutritional for the body?)

  • 1) Pancakes, Eggs, bacon, Toast w/jam, Juice for a drink, drenched in syrup.
  • 2) Eggs, toast, oatmeal, Glass of Oj, and maybe fruit on the side?

If you picked #2, you are correct. #2 has more beneficial nutrients. Why? Look, the eggs are nutritional, the oatmeal is very nourishing, the OJ is good and rich, the fruit are ideal for energy, and the toast, for some carbs. That is nutritional for the body. #1 is bad. Why? We got the pancakes Drenched in syrup. Pancakes already are non-nutritional, good in carbs perhaps low not beneficial - It is also drenched in sugar, the syrup. Not good either. The bacon, bad enough, the toast w/jam and juice is bad, non-nutritional for the body. 

-- If you were to calculate the calories and macros between the two, #2 will win overall. It has better nutrition, better and healthier macros for the body whereas #1, it is to much for us, it contains no nutritional value for the body, it's junk!

Calorie Deficit

Being in a calorie deficit will put you in a fat loss phase. To go about being in a calorie deficit, you must know how much calories you are consuming on the daily. To find this out, simply log your food intake or download a calorie counting app called, 'Myfitnesspal.' Once you have logged in all of your food and beverages, you want to reduce your daily calorie intake by ~300-500 calories. EVERY DAY. Keep doing this til you have lost the fat that you wanted. Then, you can once start eating more and more.
Example: Daily Calorie Intake: 2,000 Calories. To be in a calorie deficit, you must consume fewer calories. So, now the daily calorie intake is going to be around 1,400-1,600 calories Daily.
Manipulation of macro's can help a whole lot out too!

Tips for weight loss & staying lean:

  • Reduce or Eliminate Snacking. This could be the problem for you.
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Whenever eating a meal, look up it's nutrition; the macros. Is it friendly and balanced?
  • Drink water. Tea's and Coffee are great too. No sodas!
  • Try to get in exercise in your life. Exercise is very important for a healthy body. 
  • If you plateau'd, shock your body. You must trick it.
  • Track Calories / Macros
  • Always have a Balance Macro meal 
  • Portion Control

Questions & Answers
Safe to Starve myself for fat-loss?
Definitely not! Do not ever starve yourself. Just be in a calorie deficit about ~300-700 calories less.

Fasting  for Fat Loss?

Coffee or Tea For Fat Loss?
Coffee contains thermogenics, thermogenics can aid in fat loss. So, yes, drinking or consuming coffee or tea can help with it.

Meal Preparation?
What Should i Eat on the Daily?
- Up to you, your decision, your choice.


To sum everything up, exercise is not required but it will make your life a whole lot easier to lose fat. To easily lose fat, be in a calorie deficit. Eating clean will promote low body % considering you are eating clean, wise on nutrition, and dieting effectively.

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