Reduce Stomach Fat - In depth Guide 2019

Reducing Your Stomach

When it comes to Belly Fat, you have to understand where the 'fat' is coming from. Fat is normally obtained by accumulating calories overtime and not burning off those 'calories' will lead to fat gain. Essentially if you are consuming more calories than you are burning, you are storing fat rather than using it for energy. Food should be used as a fuel source, not for fun. So, to reduce your tummy, you need to eat less and tighten up that stomach.

Eating less will put you in a calorie deficit phase. That is when your body is trying hard to provide your body energy. This is when people like intermittent fasting - because when you are empty, your body is working harder, therefore, weight loss is happening. You have to determine how long you need to be in a calorie deficit phase for. Trial and error will give you the result you want. Track your calories over time, and make adjustments when necessary.

Nutrition has a huge role too. Diet, nutrition, exercise all comes together. If you are eating poorly, you are going to store Fat, especially if you are not working out. Consuming poor nutrition impacts the way you feel mentally, impacts your performance, impacts your muscle-building progress, impacts everything. Stress is also one thing you must also avoid if you are wanting to reduce fat.

Stressing in life, in general, is bad. Little stress is okay but too much stress impacts the whole body; Mentally and physically. Cortisol raises up, which is the "Stress Hormone," which impacts muscle-building, sleep and much more. (Stressing will lead to more fat gain due to cortisol).  Lack of sleep also stresses and affects the body. In addition, if your 'diet' is off along with nutrition, Stress raises which will impact your weight - It will be much easier for your body to gain weight, and it will be much harder for you to lose that weight.

Make sure you are eliminating foods within your lifestyle that 'irritate' your body. For example; for me, drinking milk upsets my tummy, I avoid certain foods that will bloat me, I will stay away from foods that upset my stomach that makes me go to the bathroom. You should always stick with foods that suit you.

Never eat til you are extremely full and extended; Extending your belly will result in a bigger belly, obviously due to the stretching of your belly. You want to avoid "over-eating" if you want to maintain a tight stomach.

You want to consume food that will benefit your body. For example, vegetables contain fiber, fiber is essential for digestive health. Lack of fiber will make a huge difference in your life.

Exercising is needed in order to tighten up your stomach and to reduce the size. AB exercises specifically.

AB exercises to Lose Stomach Fat:

Any Ab exercises will reduce the size and burn away the calories.

  • Stomach Vacuums(Great exercise to keep a small and tight stomach) 
  • Crunches
  • Planking
  • Situps
  • Bicycle Kicks
  • DragonFly
  • Russian twists
  • Leg Raises
  • & more, ab exercises can be found on google
  • Cardio 
A lot of people are inactive. Inactivity leads to many problems such as weight gain or weight loss, loss of muscle, weak muscle and organs, etc. You need to improve your cardiovascular system to start improving your overall health. You can improve that by exercising. Cardio work, weight lifting, yoga, body weight exercises. 

Cardio is ideal for weight loss  It's very effective way to burn those calories you've consumed.  Now, cardio isn't necessarily needed to lose fat, but it's a great way to go about it. I highly recommend doing some type of cardio work to get your heart going. Pumping that heart will get everything flowing, causing calories to be burned. I recommend doing Cardio 2x daily, morning and afternoons or evenings. You can Amp up the intensity by using other methods or adding weight, like a weight vest. 

Supplements are okay for fat-loss I would say. There many supplements on the market for fat loss, appetite suppression, and more. I wouldn't depend on it however  Be wise about what you choose, do your research, make sure it is safe and liable for weight loss. Certain things on this planet provide much more benefits such as Coffee, Coffee contains antioxidants, it also helps with weight loss. Tea is supposedly listed as a fat-loss supplementation too. Do your research, go about it.

Using a waist trainer is ideal to keep your stomach nice and tight. I would advise wearing one during your workout sessions, during sleep perhaps, and during work (depending on your work life). But you can use it at any time of the day. It works by keeping your stomach intact, keeps everything in positioned; If you over-eat, it won't extend your belly, it will also tell you that if you are over-eating or not because of how tight the waist trainer is.

Remember, everyone's different when it comes to fat-gain and losing fat. Everyone tries different methods to find what works with them. Every diet is different for everyone, everyone's nutrition is different. Find what works with you, stay consistent with it.

Got a oversized belly?

Oversized belly is an accumulation of fat overtime. Accumulating fat is very tough to get rid of. So, first off, stop what you are doing and examine your lifestyle. ELIMINATE all junk, stop stressing and realize what you are doing to yourself. Accumulating that much fat is not right! You should never let yourself go like that. You are harming your body. Now, it needs major attention and you must work very hard to eliminate that fat.

  • Start exercising daily. Cardio, everyday, 2x a day, Morning/Afternoon/Evenings.
  • Drink nothing but water. Water, lots of it. Don't overdo it though.
  • Stop stressing, relax more, don't engage in negative situations.
  • Nore more fast foods
  • No more "overeating"
  • No more "treating myself" due to depression, sadness, etc.
  • Start eating more beneficial foods such as vegetables, etc. Veggies contain fiber, fiber is essential for cleaning out your gut, and for overall digestive health. If you're lacking, make sure you're getting enough fiber within your diet to help lose weight. 
  • Waist trainer to help trim and keep your belly nice and tight!
  • Fat burner supplementation is okay to use. Use it at your own risk, and do research before using any fat burners
  • Never starve yourself.
  • Intermittent fasting can help with fat-loss
  • Dieting is a good way of losing fat, of course. The Keto Diet Method is one popular and effective weight loss method! (low carb diet)

Fat comes from: Eating poorly, not exercising, Stressing.
To Reduce & Tighten up Your Stomach:
Eat right, eat your greens, calorie deficit, exercising, waist trainer, relax, be calm, don't stress, SLEEP!

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