Whats Causing Fat Gain

where does fat come from and how does it get added on

Do we not all wonder about where does the fat come from? I mean, at least I do at times because I thought I was eating right. When it comes to gaining fat, you must examine your whole lifestyle. Not only foods play a role when it comes to gaining fat, your lifestyle and your body plays a role too. Lifestyle, the way you go about things, such as 'Stress and recovery.' Stress and recovery is important; Neglecting signs of either or can impact your body. For one, Stressing raises cortisol, which will make it harder for you to lose fat, and it will be much easier for fat to get added on. Also, if you are not sleeping or relaxing enough, that will also impact your body - causing much more stress and other harmful things going on. That is part of recovery (Sleep, stress less and exercising). Just because you might 'eat right' does not mean you are not going to gain fat. Fat gain comes from an accumulation of calories (eating too much - "calorie surplus"). So, let's dive in.

Calorie Surplus:
You can eat clean/right all the time if you want, but if you are eating more than needed, you are going to be in a calorie surplus phase. A Calorie Surplus means that you are consuming way more calories than you actually need, and as a result of that, your body is going to store those calories essentially because you are not using the calories as fuel. To simply figure out if you are consuming more calories than needed, you need to log your food intake (approx ~1 week to get a good understanding). Download a calorie app, "MyfitnessPal."
From there, you log your food intake, and make adjustments as necessary.
Example of A Calorie Surplus:
Calories for Today: 2,000 Calories < Surplus
Calories for Tomorrow: 1,6000 Calories < Deficit
Maintenance: Figure that on your own

Food | Nutrition | Diet
You are what you eat - I say this mainly to people who are overweight and have no idea why or how they are gaining fat. They do not realize that nutrition is hugely important when it comes to trying to improve your physique. If you are eating like dirt, you can going to look like dirt. If you eat clean, you are going to look right. Also, eating poorly has consequences; If you eat clean, you will OVERALL feel much much better. As in your mood, performance, brain clarity and much more. If Ya Eat right, Ya Feel Right, Ya Dig?

Stress | Recovery | Sleep:
Stressing causes cortisol to raise up. Cortisol is the "Stress Hormone," When you are stressing, it causes many problems, and from this, many people end up craving foods, "emotional eating" I'd say. Sugary, sweet, salty foods people tend to go for the most when they are stressed out, lack of sleep, etc. Neglecting sleep also makes it harder for you to lose weight. Make sure you are resting enough so that your body is going through the necessary steps to lose fat. The vital process of recovery is when your body is resting (sleeping), many things are happening during that stage.

This is important, very important. I see many people asking how to diet, what foods I should eat, how long should I diet for, etc, but I never see people putting in the work. You have to put in the work if you want to lose that fat and to sculpt that body. It requires consistency - If you are not consistent with your workouts, diet, nutrition, and recovery, then all of this is pointless to you -
You have to stay committed to this lifestyle that you are going about. It's not a one time thing, it's an every day thing. 

What Affects Weight Gain

  • Stress!
  • Lack of Sleep!
  • Lack of Exercise!
  • Lack of Diet or better Nutrition!
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Eating too much
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