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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Avoid Being Overweight - Ways to Combat Weight Gain

Hello everyone and Welcome to my blog! Everything is based on my personal experience, so hopefully, my tips and guidance will help ya out! 
I know how hard it is to lose weight. I've been there, experienced it and still am on the daily. I am 22 years old currently and wheelchair-bound, so I know how difficult and annoying it is to lose weight and stay lean. My mind is to have a lean, ripped physique. In order to achieve that, I must be strict on myself and what I need to avoid to stay ripped.

Tips Avoiding Gaining Weight

 Here are my tips on how to combat weight gain!

First Off, How Does A Person Gain Fat?

Fat Gain comes from the accumulation of calories - If you're excessively consuming calories, more than what you can burn, you are going to be in a fat storage mode. This varies from person to person however, but overall, the calories matter. You need to understand what you are consuming and how much of it.
You can easily consume an excess amount of calories in all 3 sessions of meal sessions (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).
So, if you were to consume a lot of calories throughout the day, then you now know where and how fat gain is coming on...
You need to make adjustments to your body will use calories effectively.
That can be by 

  • Dividing up the meals (separating the meals), 
  • Reduce how much you are eating, eat better foods/healthier foods, 
  • Exercise to burn off those excess calories. Being inactive puts you in a worse situation for fat gain. You must be active in order to promote fat-loss if your nutrition/diet is off! 
  • You can lose weight if you exercise enough and have a poor diet/nutrition. As long as if you are active, you are burning those calories! 
  • But the goal today is to combat fat gain, so nutrition, diet and exercise must be addressed!

There are so many things to consider about combatting fat-gain. 

There are supplements: Fat burners to help aid in fat-loss, which helps to an extent, appetite suppression supplements, and other supplements on the market but the key things are: Diet and exercise.

There are natural ways to aid in fat-loss too! 

Thermogenesis can help with weight loss. For example, coffee contains thermogenesis, and which consumed, you are burning calories. You can easily find thermogenesis food items within google to help combat fat-gain!

Stress is a factor that will affect weight gain. 

If you are stressing constantly, your body will react differently when it comes to fat-gain and losing fat. It will be much harder to promote fat-loss when stressing due to the raising of the cortisol production, which we never want. We want to limit, reduce stress as much as possible to get the best Result!

Poor Nutrition will Affect Weight Gain

If you are constantly eating like junk, you are going to look and feel like junk. Junk food has little to no good nutritional value, so how does it benefit the body? It doesn't! It simply stores as fat, if inactive and it affects the body's health. Nutrition is vital for the body - if you consume healthy foods, it will benefit the body in the long run. Improving overall health and performance. Don't you want to feel and look good? Improve your habits and start eating healthier!

Combat Fat Gain By Portion Control

Portion control is what exactly it sounds like. Portion controlling your meals. If you have the right portions, you don't have to worry about overeating or undereating, you are on point with your calories. This can be easily done with a Mobile app, MyFitnesspal, which helps you log your food and to give you specific detailed information about that specific food item, it will also tell you how many calories are left to consume. As Mentioned Earlier, people tend to overeat, consuming way too many calories in either one sitting or overall consuming too many calories. So by controlling your food portions, you know Exactly how many calories you are consuming in one sitting or throughout the day.

Exercise Those Calories Off to Burn Fat Away!

By being inactive, getting no exercise in what-so-ever, you will eventually gain weight. Inactivity leads to fewer calories being burned and as a result, calories have nowhere to go so they end up in the fat storage. If you are excessively gaining fat storage 'cells' you will gain more fat then lean muscle mass. So, if you want to look lean, ripped and muscular, Exercise!

Tracking Calories | Manipulation of Calories |

You can manipulate calories to help combat weight gain. By easily tracking your calories, you get precise detailed information about the food items you may consume throughout the day. So for example, you can log your food item to get the details of it and to decide whether if you should consume it or not, does it fit within your calorie limit or is it suitable at the moment? This is effective for weight management and energy balance, and more however. The key point of tracking calories is to not go over your limit. By stopping at a certain point of calorie consumption, you can avoid fat-gain. You have to know what's your body type though. You need to determine how many calories it is to be in a surplus. A calorie surplus means that you are in a fat-gaining state, you are consuming calories more than you can burn which leads to fat-gain. Calorie deficit is the opposite.

Drink Your Water! Stay Lean with Hydration!

Staying hydrated has tons of benefits. Many people today are consuming too many sugary drinks which leads to fat-gain. People don't realize those small quantity things can add up very quickly throughout the day. So, look at your Can of Soda next time and think about how many cans you drink a day along with other things you are consuming such as meals and snacks. Water however can curb your appetite because mostly nowadays people think that they are constantly hungry but it's really the lack of hydration. Next time if you are feeling hungry, drink a lot of water. Drink water daily, throughout the day, before every meal to curb your excess food intake.

Fiber Up! Consume your Greens and other Nutritional Foods!

Many many people have poor nutrition and diet base. You have to worry about nutrition if you want to look and feel a certain way! I cannot stress enough how important it is to realize your diet/nutrition base. Fiber is essential for the body, helping things within your stomach and other parts. But overall, nutrition plays a huge factor!

Intermittent Fasting | If it Fits Your Macros | Calorie In Vs Calories Out | 

These are all good ways to combat Weight gain. Everyone pretty much does these on a daily basis. I know some that don't even understand the term, 'fasting' but yet they go about it almost every day. So, people are performing the right things to help with certain things but they don't realize it. There are many ways to go about it and that's why people end up confused. But yet, many people disagree with fasting, if it fits your macros and calories in vs out, people claim that it's all about the calorie consumption only. See what works with your body and adjust with it.
  1. Fasting - A period of time where a person does not consume any type of calories until the time is up. For example. Bedtime (~9Pm - 1Pm Afternoon). That's a lot of hours of not eating, known as Fasting. 
  2. IIFYM - If it fits your macros - Basically tracking your calories and then stopping to prevent weight gain.
  3. Calories in vs calories out -  They say that the only way to lose weight is to eat less, move more and that it is an individual's responsibility to keep calories balanced

Diet Methods | Keto / Paleo / Vegan / and More | 

With any type of dieting method/program, there are similarities. The similarities are: Calorie deficit, or reducing or eliminating certain food items within your diet and to improve nutrition intake. This can be easily fixed by having a well-balanced diet and nutrition lifestyle plan.

How I lose Fat

Fixing your lifestyle is the main focus you should be on right now. Something within your lifestyle is creating an issue for you. Determine what it is and address it. Never let yourself go, don't neglect the priorities you have. Such as Exercising and obviously eating healthy and proper if you want to feel and perform good. Dieting is surely not hard, you must be strict on yourself if you want to achieve anything. There are no super supplements or pills that can stop fat from coming on. Fat is good to have but not in a excessive amount. Hard work always pays off, even if you are using any drugs or supplements, hard work is still required!

If you have any questions with anything or need help with coaching, etc, visit my facebook page and join the community! I would love to hear your stories and your ideas. If you got anything to share, share with the community. 

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