Forced Reps - Build More Muscle - Maximize Growth!

Forced Reps - Muscle Building Tips

If you want bigger arms, listen up!

When I train, I like to fully exhaust the muscle. Sometimes, our mind will just give up, but we know we got a little more in the tank. Sometimes, you have to fiddle around with your body and how it responds to stress. In this video, I demonstrate Forced Reps. Forced reps are either focusing on the eccentric/concentric phase or both and to fully exhaust the muscle even more. As you can see in the video, I cannot curl the weight anymore but my biceps still can handle the weight going down, the eccentric phase of the movement, and as I slowly bring the weight down, it is still stressing the bicep causing much more damage. You can also use your other arm to help curl the weight/bring the weight down. I'm using my left arm to slightly help my right arm to curl the dumbbell. This is also helpful to force out those couple of reps.

Be cautious on forced reps. You can easily injure yourself! As your muscles are exhausted, you're putting a lot of stress on the muscle. Being uncareful can tear the muscle!

Forced reps are one of the techniques I use to increase muscle-mass!

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