How To Stop Body Aches

Are You Constantly aching or having pain every day? 
You must examine your life, fix what needs to be fixed, and get better today!

When Your Body Aches, it normally mean that its a sign of something, something could be wrong. It's a message for yourself - You must address it, if not it may get worse. Our body aches for certain reasons only, we do not hurt out of nowhere, it's not normal if you are constantly aching or hurting. Many people neglect the signs and messages that the body is telling you which is why many people end up hurting all the time.

What We'll Be Covering:

  • How did the Pain / aches come on
  • What type of pain/ache is it
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • How to Recover / Tips

You need to examine the ache, What kind of an 'ache' is it
Is it pain, tender, sore, etc? Many people have different ways of expressing pain. Pain can be soreness, tender, joint pain, stiffness, etc. First off, you need to get an xray and see if there is any issues with any bones. Bones can be dislocated (partial or complete) without notice, the xray will show that to the Doctor's. For example, the pelvis can be dislocated, the hips, the ribs, anything can be dislocated to a degree. You can live with a 'dislocated' part, but it will eventually get worse. You may have a pulled/strained muscle, you might be tensed, muscle knots might be present. All of these and more symptoms can cause daily body pain/aches including headaches.

Second, you need to examine your lifestyle. How did this ache/pain come along? 

  • Did you hurt yourself? 
  • Are you playing sports? Perhaps you are sleeping, sitting, standing wrong. 
  • Or maybe you are sitting or standing for too long. 
  • Perhaps you are putting constant strain on your muscles when doing certain things.
    For example, looking down at your phone will cause a lot of tension on your neck muscles causing strain... You need to realize what you are doing and how you are going about it. 
  • Incorrect posture and movements can lead to many issues.
    -- If you a weight lifter, you should know how important it is to perform correct movements. Incorrect movements will strain the muscles, ligaments, and joints.

Mobility is a huge thing we must take into account on the daily. Loss of range of motion will impact you big time. It will affect the way you do daily things, such as moving, flexibility is gone, muscles are tensed, prone to injuries and perhaps further issues. If you are neglecting mobility, you need to start addressing it today. Improving mobility will not only make you feel better but that will also stop headaches, body aches, tight muscles, improving mental health and increasing performance.
You need to get your muscles moving the right and correct way along with relieving the tensed muscles. You can relieve the tensed muscles by:

  • Getting Massages
  • Foam Rolling Your Muscles
  • Getting Adjusted by a chiropractor
  • Perform stretches/mobility work
The lifestyle you go about will dictate how you feel and perform [on the daily]. Sleeping poorly or wrong will affect the way you think, perform and feel. Poor sleeping posture can dislocate your pelvis (for an example), it affects the neck and the muscles. Sleeping causes restoration/your body is being replenished, it is going through the healing process. If you interrupt the process, then aches and pain will eventually come into your life.
So, think about the way you go about things.

Think about:
  1. Posture - Are you standing correct and tall
  2. Sitting - Sitting for too long perhaps? Not moving? You need to move! People who tend to sit all day have pelvis issues, neck issues, hip issues, overall issues. You need to move to activate the muscles so they do not give out - You are neglecting your muscles that need to be activated. 
  3. Sleeping - Are you sleeping wrong? Maybe you got too many pillows under your head? Maybe it's your mattress? See, there's a lot of things you must examine!
  4. Sports - Sports can cause a lot of problems - if you are not taking the steps to recover properly, then yes aches and pain will come your way because, after your sport session, you need to actively recover. That is by getting massages, foam rolling, etc. 
  5. Stress - Stop stressing as much or as bad - It causes a huge amount of problems - Avoid stress as much as possible.
  6. LifeStyle Choices - Diet/nutrition / Drugs / ETC

People who are always hurting need to understand themselves. It can be something worse than self-diagnosing. It can be a disease or maybe you have injured yourself. People say that the coldness of the air affects the bones and muscles. Maybe old age is affecting you. The reality is, you need to take the steps to figure out what is wrong with yourself. You should not be hurting every day or every so often. If you are an athlete, you know you have to take recovery seriously. If you sit all day, you should know that it is very unhealthy just to sit all day - That will lead to many back problems. If you aren't stretching or doing maintenance on your body, then yes aches will arrive because your body is tensed, you need to relax the muscles, stretching, reducing stress and sleeping right will get rid of your body aches.

Now let's discuss drugs. Drugs that help take away the pain. Drugs are good to have, but we should never depend on them. We shouldn't be dependant on drugs to relieve pain or anything to that nature because we need to realize what is happening to ourselves and we must fix it. We adapt to the drug's effects over time, which requires a higher dosage [later on as we get use to it], which can lead to problems or death. There are countless of drug overdoses due to pain, emotional or physical pain. People avoid and ignore the symptoms and resolve to drugs to help cope with it. Drugs will make you feel better, only in the short run, but really you are not healing from the situation. The drugs you take masks the pain, not removing it from your life. You constantly have to re-up on the drugs to feel good again, right? Why not do the steps to feel better, such as mobility work and eating healthier and improving overall your lifestyle. Never resort or depend on any drug to live life happily unless it's a serious medical problem.

The underlying problem of your body aches/pain can be caused by anything. There are so many things to examine that it is very annoying to do, and that's why I believe people do not take the action to get better, they become hopeless. Sometimes people are drained and cannot comply with anything - perhaps it's depression or something to that sort. You must visit a doctor and see what's the problem. The main problems are the lifestyle choices you go about like I mentioned. Diet, sleep, stress, etc. If you fix those problems, I bet you will stop hurting. Everything is connected, everything is important. Lacking anything will have it's consequences. Realize what you are doing to your body & fix it

You need to relax your body & mind if you want to feel "Good" | When you are Stressed, your body reacts big time. Try relaxing - Do things that induce relaxation:

  • Hot baths/showers
  • Massages
  • Therapy
  • Sleeping / Resting More
  • Getting a better Diet/Nutrition
  • Drink coffee/Tea
  • Meditate
  • Herbs

Herbs to help with Pain/Aches

Herbs are natural, found within the earth to use as medicine. Kratom, Marijuana, Boswellia & much more. If you do not want to take 'drugs' consuming herbal things isn't a bad idea. Tea is herbs, you can consume tea to relax for an example. Kratom is a herb found in a different country, it's benefits are similar to Marijuana but has a less dramatic effect on your body/mind. There are several strains of kratom to help with different symptoms. Herbs are ideal to take because they are not altered nor dangerous, many herbs have been studied and used as medicine for relief. Just look at some of the pills you have. Like sleeping pills, etc. Those may contain some herbs. The best quality herb supplements will have it's best quality herbs within without any other additives to make it a 'good supplement.'

Resting & Sleeping More

Your body needs rest and sleep, it's vital for recovery and to replenish energy. Lacking sleep will impact the way you feel mentally and physically. If you are not sleeping enough, yes you are going to ache. Those are signs of distress, your body needs to rest! Avoiding signs and messages that your body gives you will affect you in the long run and it may take longer to get back to normal. Interrupting sleep or rest is a big no-no, if you cannot sleep enough during the night, take naps. Sleeping aids can be used (natural supplements) to fall asleep/to stay asleep. 

Diet & Nutrition

If you are eating poorly, you are going to perform and feel like crap. I, myself, use to eat nothing but junk. I did not care about my body's physique nor did I know anything about nutrition. I just loved food, but with that came consequences because I did not care about it. I gained a ton of fat which was unpleasing and I didn't understand why. Well, for one, I did not exercise, so the junk food was just piling up, adding more fat to my body. On the other note, my diet was off, I had no good nutrients within my diet. I always felt like crap too, loss of energy and motivation, always felt sluggish. Once I began to research about food and how it plays a role in the body and the information regarding food, I realized that food is vital for health and recovery! I changed my habits, my ways of thinking and acting about life. I played more serious about my goals and to become better. I now realize that health is wealth, if you want to feel and look good, you got to eat good! Along with exercising because it'll help tone up your body [muscles] and help with fat-loss.

Massages | Foam Rolling | Stretching | Muscle therapy

If you have tight muscles, most of us do, you have to relieve them to feel better. So many people ignore the signs of tight/tensed muscles and go along with there day. They do not realize how important it is to stay calm, not always tensed or having tight muscles because that causes pain, discomfort and it may change the way you perform and feel. Having tight muscles will limit range of motion, along with constant pain, and it may change your posture. Foam rolling, getting massages or simply stretching will help with all of these symptoms. So many people, once again, neglect these simple exercises to do to help restore their body's performance! It is vital to do this on the daily because we are perfect, we need to take care of ourselves if you want to feel amazing and perform at your best

Continue to ignore the signs of pain or aches will lead to further problems. You can prevent injuries by simply visiting your doctor or performing routine check-ups by yourself. Do maintenance on your body to prevent any issues!

Please perform any work safe! Especially mobility work! People can seriously injure themselves by making one wrong move. DO not try intensive stretches or mobility work to fix your body - visit a professional for that.

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