My Life Story with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 3

I have Type 3 Oi. Type 3 Oi is not the worst case of osteogenesis imperfecta. However, it's pretty brutal for those who have my type, type 3. I've fractured during the times in my mother's womb, I fractured while I was alive (given birth), and my life continued on... At this current moment, I'm 22 years old. Enjoy my short story about my life, dealing with type 3 Oi.

This is the time where I went through a series of fractures and surgical procedures. I broke a lot as a kid - I horsed around a lot and a result, I fractured most of the time. The slightest mistake would cause a fracture. It was devastating for me because I couldn't do normal things as a normal kid would do, but I still tried lol. As a result of fracturing a lot, I ended up staying in the house a lot playing video games. I have to say, I was once addicted to Video games but not anymore... and on the other hand, school was hard for me. I missed out on a lot of school days because I was constantly getting injured, in the hospital or getting treatment, which ended early because my Dr found it wasn't working 100% and it was just a waste. So I had to take summer school for most of my school years to catch up. During my childhood years, this was the peak of my fracture rate. I broke almost every bone, had scoliosis, had tons of surgeries and experienced and learned a whole lot...Then teenage years came along.

Teenage Years to Adulthood
Teenage years were far better than in my childhood years. I matured, understood my limits, and had the courage to overcome challenges. Beforehand, I was pampered, I wasn't prepared for the life I was entering. My parents never treated me different but I never thought that I can succeed in life without some type of help, but growing up, my parents taught me to be strong and independent. Entering middle school, I was 100% independent, I was capable of doing everything on my own. I broke a few times during my teenage years, but that was a learning lesson. As time went on, entering high school, I invested my time into working out. I wanted to get stronger so I don't fracture anymore. I began to exercise, changing up my lifestyle for the better. After some time of improving my lifestyle, I noticed changes - BIG changes. I loved the way i was changing my physique, fat was coming off, and muscle was starting to develop. People noticed and I thrived off of it...

So, I graduated Highschool, entered college, still continuing to work out to improve my strength and overall appearance. I began Bodybuilding before college, I wanted to sculpt my body to a certain [physique] I had in my mind. When I graduated high school, fracture rates went down dramatically! I've fallen before, etc and didn't suffer any fractures - So, that's a sign of improvement for sure. I'm so happy that my hard work is paying off. And my Journey goes on...

-- Question for Y'all People with Oi: What's the hardest challenge to overcome? I'd like to know, comment!

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