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Fitness Questions & Answers (From Quora)

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What is the best workout to get that “bicep bulge”?
- You must train with intensity, stretch that bicep out and train in many different angles. I believe in angel-training, training in different styles to attack the muscle [bicep] much greater. Also, the mind to muscle connection is very important!

Why are so many gym rats so into the bench press?
- I find it very simple and it can be a competition thing. It's a simple exercise to go about and you can add a lot of weight onto the bench press. The risk factor is low for injury if you have a spotter, so I think people have a competition to see who's the strongest...

Is it true you shouldn't eat after 4pm if you want to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?
- False. 4pm doesn't dictate anything. I find this similar to intermittent fasting. It's all about your caloric intake for the day.

What are some great ways to stay in shape for those who are always in a hurry?**
- Everything requires balance. If you aren't balancing workouts, recovery and diet right/properly, then staying in shape is going to be really hard or impossible!

What are some diet hacks to help you lose 10 pounds in 21 days?
- Calorie deficit, eliminate all junk, always stay hydrated, exercise, and recover right!

How can squats help me gain weight?
- I think squats can help because it taxes the whole body. When you tax the whole body, you use a lot of energy. To replenish, we eat for fuel. I believe that people may be consuming more calories [when squatting] & that is why people are gaining weight.

What important muscle groups do people tend to overlook when working out?
- The small muscle groups that are neglected

During work out, should I make my repetitions set fast or slow?
- Either or. Focus on the muscle. Do both to amp up the intensity.

How fast can I see results from doing sit ups?
- A couple of weeks. Transformation doesn't happen overnight. If you are recovering right and eating good, you should see results within a couple of weeks!

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