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What’s the best way to steadily gain weight while adding muscle?
- The best way to steadily gain weight while adding muscle is to be in a Calorie Surplus. Focus on consuming more food throughout the day. How calorie surplus works. For instance, you have a calorie intake of the day of 1600 calories. If you want to gain weight and muscle, you must be in a calorie surplus phase - so that means you have to add more food/calories within your day. Now, you can add "X" amount of calories on top of your normal calorie intake. It all depends on you. So, now your calorie intake is ~1800 calories. +200 calorie intake for the day. That's the calorie surplus. Keep doing this til you're satisfied.

Is it true that new muscle you build only shrinks and never goes away?
- The new muscle that you've developed will remain there until it goes away completely. It is much harder for new and old muscle to go completely away because we store muscle-memory. Once you've already put yourself in the muscle-building phase, muscle lost won't be as present if your lifestyle is on check. Now, if you are neglecting diet, recovery, etc, muscle loss will be present and will go away, but that's the extreme case, pretty hard to get to that phase.

Why do fad diets often not work out?
- Often fad diets do not work because the majority of the people who take on the fad diets doesn't understand the nutrition part of it. Diets are diets, everything must be used in moderation and if you know how to manipulate calories/macros, diets won't be considered a choice within your lifestyle. Once you've understood nutrition and how food works and knowing your body personally, dieting will be much easier to go about.

What is the best exercise for male beginners?
- The best exercise for male beginners has to be the staple workout regime. Pushups, dips, any bodyweight exercise shall do, then progress towards weightlifting, etc.

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I am wanting to build up a lot of muscle especially in my ab region anyone know of any ways to do that fast?
-To build up a lot of muscle in your ab region, you must train your abs. Training your abs has tons of muscle surrounding your core. Any AB exercise shall improve your core region, and also doing any overhead presses will use a lot of core strength, and also uses a lot of stabilizing muscles which in returns develops your AB muscles.

How do you deal with pain due to age or Muscle weakness?
- To deal with muscle weakness or pain, you must examine what kind of weakness is it and find what's causing it. Muscle weakness sometimes means that: You are injured, loss of muscle-strength, sore/tired/no energy. If you are weak, not injured or sore, you must train that muscle and it's surrounding muscles to gain strength and to reduce pain. It's going to hurt in the process of trying to gain strength back in that muscle, but once the workout session is over and once the recovery process has started, you're getting stronger by the day!

What is the one tip for becoming fit?
- The one tip I always recommend to people is to have a well-balanced lifestyle. Everything used in moderation - Living healthy - do things that make sense.

I have decided to lose weight but after many years of being lazy and eating whatever I want, I have decided to stop. How would I start my workout routine and what diet should I start?
- Any diet should work after some time of not working out or dieting, it's all about how you go about it and how committed you are. Any exercise shall do like it in returns burns calories anyways...

I workout from 11 pm to 1 am, and when I'm done I lay in bed and go to sleep. Is this bad or unhealthy?
- That is fine unless you're not eating after your workout. Don't waste hours of sleeping and not eating, you're not replenishing your muscles properly and thus will cause problems. So, I advise you to workout, eat then sleep afterward. The recovery process has begun once you've supplied your body with nutrition and when you are resting your body completely.

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