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Friday, April 19, 2019

Using Resistance Bands in Your Workout Session

Are Resistance Bands Useful for a Workout Session?

Resistance bands are one of those gym equipment that most people don't go for. Many people do not understand how or what the bands are used for; What's the purpose and how to use it. Bands can be ideal for a good workout session, just like using free weights and machines. Resistance bands have resistance - There are different types of bands out there. Thicker or thinner bands, suited for smaller or bigger guys, similarly to using weights.  Everyone can benefit from using resistance bands in their workout session; Regular people, Bodybuilders, Elderly or disabled or injured people, people who are trying to improve strength or mobility

Definition of Resistance Bands
A resistance band is an elastic band used for strength training. They are also commonly used in physical therapy, specifically by convalescents of muscular injuries, including cardiac rehab patients to allow slow rebuilding 

 Resistance bands are quite different than regular weights. For one, it doesn't require much stabilizer muscles whereas using a barbell or dumbbell requires a ton of muscle recruitment to stabilize the muscle. Second, you can train in so many angles. Training in angles IS the key to building a great physique. With barbell or dumbbell, you are limited on the range of motion and perhaps the angles you want to hit. It may be harder to use a dumbbell to target certain body parts, especially the small ones. With the bands, you can easily target the small muscles without using the "stabilizer muscles."

The bands work by adding resistance to your exercises by pulling on an elastic band anchored in place. Weights work by adding resistance with the weights themselves. Different colors usually denote the level of resistance for the bands while a weight's size and markings tell you how heavy a particular weight is

You can build muscle from using resistance bands. You have to break the muscle down - use different angles and tempo to effectively break the muscle fibers down.

Everyone is suited for resistance bands training; Anyone and everyone can benefit from using it. I see many professionals using resistance bands to switch up their workout routine, many disabled and elderly people use resistance bands for an ideal workout.

Not only are resistance bands light, but you can take them Anywhere with you. You can use your resistance bands in any office, at home, simply anywhere to get in a workout. There should not be an excuse to not work out if you have a band.

People also figured out that you can add bands on your workout machines/barbells/dumbbells to help stress the muscle out. You can tie the band to whatever platform to help add resistance to your workout.

If you want to switch up your workout routine, feel a different type of a 'workout stimulus,' attack different muscle angles, and for its benefits, the versatile use - lightweight and portable.
You can add muscle on from using resistance bands; you can tone your body using bands; you can lose weight using bands.

Get the Most out of Your Workout Session using Bands!

When you're working out, you want to target different angles to hit different muscle parts/fibers - by using a band, you can train in any direction, in any form, can burn out the muscle easily. People use bands for condition work as well to get more damage to the muscle. Sometimes, using free weights or machines, you cannot target a particular muscle, so, a resistance band would come in useful for that place.

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