Relieve Muscle Pain, Aches, Strains using Salonpa's Pain Relief Patch

Relieve PAIN
Salonpa's Pain Relieving Patch

Salonpa's pain relieving patch is a miracle patch.
I did not believe that "patches" work to relieve pain, but I was wrong, I doubted them. When I encounter pain, I always resort to pain killers, narcotics to help relieve the pain, however, I get sick from it and sometimes, I avoid painkillers and just suffer... Today though, everything changed, my perspective on medicine has changed. My mother introduced me to this pain relieving patch. I recently injured my back and she went on a hunt to help relieve the pain; she also knew that I sometimes hated narcotics so this is why she went on this hunt. She ended up finding these and thought why not give it a try. Once I saw these 'patches' I was like oh no, this isn't going to work because I was in extreme pain. I gave it try to see how it played out and I have to say, within 30 minutes, I felt the pain subside. I was happy, I had a smile on my face and I was ABLE TO MOVE! LOL, I was instantly shocked and surprised on this product, how in the hell could've it helped with the pain? Well...

How do Salonpas pain relief patches work?

  • The patches contain two active ingredients, methyl salicylate and levomenthol. 
  • These medicines are absorbed slowly into the skin from the patch.
Methyl salicylate is metabolised into salicylic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps to reduce any inflammation in the muscles or joints. Methyl salicylate also acts as a counter-irritant and produces a sensation of heat in the skin, which distracts your brain from the pain and reduces your perception of it. 
The levomenthol also has counter-irritant and painkilling effects.

How do I use Salonpas patches?

Apply one patch to a clean, dry area of skin over the painful area. You can cut the patches smaller if needed to fit the site of your pain. If you're cutting the patches, do this before removing the backing film.

Wear the patch for 8 to 12 hours before removing it. Apply another patch if the pain continues.

  • → Only use one patch at a time. Do not use more than two patches in 24 hours.
  • → Don't apply the patches to broken, infected, inflamed areas of skin, such as eczema or dermatitis, open wounds or acne.
  • → Don't apply the patches on your face or genitals. 
  • → Don't use the patches for more than three days in a row. If your pain gets worse or hasn't improved after three days you should get advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

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