Fasting is not optimal for Bodybuilding? Intermittent Fasting x Muscle Building x Fat Loss


Bodybuilding requires tons of effort and knowledge


 If your goal is to build muscle, then you know how vital calories are for the body to grow. The body needs calories to grow, to expand. Many people seem to not understand how fat loss works and how to gain muscle. You cannot simply gain muscle and lose fat at the same time; now you can burn fat but muscle will be burned during the process as well. We can help prevent muscle loss with certain things, but if you are going about losing fat the general way [I.E. eating less / not manipulating your macros] you are going to shrink in size overall - body fat and muscle.

To build muscle and lose fat

You must understand how your body works, in & out and how the manipulation process works. To lose fat, you must be in a calorie deficit, and normally that will cause overall weight drop, fat, and muscle, however, with the proper techniques with manipulation, you can build lean muscle while dropping fat. On the second note, if you are wanting to really GROW, you must constantly be in a calorie surplus!

Intermittent Fasting is great for fat-loss - not for building muscle

 because you essentially reduce the eating window. However, if you are trying to grow - to constantly build muscle and to nourish the muscle, fasting MAY not be ideal for you. While fasting, you are not consuming any calories and therefore, you are not nourishing your body nor muscles and thus results in loss of muscle and fat... If you are wanting to keep on growing, you must continue to feed your body with nutrients or food - this will constantly put your body in building and repair mode to grow.

Fat loss comes from eating in a calorie deficit

A calorie deficit is when you are eating less than normal and on the daily. You can Eat whatever you like but you have to stay in a calorie deficit to promote fat-loss. In a calorie deficit, you may not build muscle efficiently due to the lack of calories and nutrients. All macros are essential for bodybuilding - it's the manipulation process that people go about to lose fat and to keep the muscle. Diet / food selection is the key here. 

My Experience on Fasting and Building Muscle

I do see the results of fasting. I have a goal and that is to stay lean but ripped at the same time. That means looking muscular [with actual densed muscle] with a low body fat %. This can be done by manipulating your calories. I cycle with my nutrition; I cycle my carbohydrates. I find that [and most people] carbs are the enemy and must be manipulated if you want to achieve a certain body fat %. Like I mentioned, if you are a serious bodybuilder looking to gain not shrink, you need those nutrients, the whole spectrum to keep going. Eliminating or reducing certain nutrients will hinder your progress.

The objective of this post is to inform you people about intermittent fasting, muscle building, and fat-loss.

 Intermittent fasting can be used to help detox the body but if you are serious about bodybuilding, like I said, this may not be ideal for you. You need to constantly keep up with the body. Fasting can be done 1-3x a week if you're looking to sustain a healthy body [if you are eating like crap]. Fasting can be done for mental benefits, religious reasons and more.

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