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Bicep training tips

Building your arms doesn't require much, however, if you are wanting good sized arms along with definition you have to understand techniques.  Techniques play a huge role when it comes to building mass. Simple exercise will build muscle, but targeting small muscles will definitely improve your physique.  
It's not difficult to understand, you just have to play around with your body. As weird as it seems, that's how bodybuilding works. Certain angles, certain grips, the way you place your body/positioning factors, etc play a role in building muscle. People who developed a great god like physique knows how difficult it is to train to acquire that type of a physique.

Biceps muscle group only make up one-third of the upper arm’s muscle. 

Triceps Makes Up for two-thirds of muscle mass of your ARM. 

  • 1) Time Under Tension
Everyone should know about Time under tension. TUT for short, is a great way to increase INTENSITY. Thus will allow you to train harder. FOCUS on the eccentric and concentric movements. 
  • 2) Training in Angles / Isolation is key too
The key to developing a good physique is to train with many different angles. The body consists of so many muscles and doing simple exercises won't specifically target the smaller muscles - so therefore, if you are wanting an aesthetic ideal body you must train in many ways. Different grips, different hand placements, using alternative machines or free-weights to train. For example, training with resistance bands vs dumbbells has a huge difference and dumbbell vs barbell is different too. You must place emphasize on each muscle within your bicep. 
(1) Short Head | (2) Long Head.

➤Short Head Exercises: 
Concentration Curls, wide preacher, spider curl

Long Head Exercise: 
Hammer Curl, Close-Grip Barbell Curl, Dumbbell Preacher Curl and Reverse Barbell Curl.

  • 3)Using Different Techniques
 such as Blood flow restriction | Using a THICKER BAR | Using Resistance Bands. These will also change the way you feel your biceps working.

  • 4) Intensity
Intensity like mentioned above "tut" you can use  other ways to increase intensity such as Drop Sets, supersets, pyramid sets, Half reps - full reps, forced reps

Drop Sets- Go til failure, drop the weight, then continue on.
Half Reps - Half reps can be also beneficial, implement it.
Forced Reps - Have a partner or use your other arm - force them reps.
Pyramid - Work Your Way Up or to the Bottom.
Failure is an option of course.

These are all the techniques I bring to the gym, to my workout sessions.

  • 5) Amp up the Weight and Volume
If you are wanting to grow in size, you need to amp up those weights. The weights need to be increased to increase muscle-mass. By using heavier weights you're causing more stress to the muscle. This is a fundamental base of growing muscle-mass. Sometimes people do not work the bicep enough. Sometimes people need to increase their volume and/or intensity. 
  • 6) Calisthenics
Doing body-weight exercises can dramatically improve your physique. People who perform calisthenics movement have a well-developed body. Doing exercises like Pull up will require a lot of bicep activation.  Chin Ups, Pull ups, etc.

More Bicep Training Tips:

  • Focus on The Brachialis Muscle 
The brachialis muscle is sometimes ignored or not trained enough. The brachialis muscle will give you a bigger and thicker arm considering it runs through your biceps. You must train your brachialis muscle if you're wanting some superman arms.
  • Grip Style

Pronated Grip: Reverse curl: Targets: brachialis 
Supinated Grip: Regular Curl
Wide Grip: Works on the Short head
Close Grip: Works both biceps heads and the brachialis
Narrow Grip: Works on the Long Head
Also, sometimes not gripping the bar but using your palms to curl a weight (when using machines) will help put more emphasis on the bicep.

It is very important to keep your form strict. People who perform exercises incorrectly are prone to injuries and will cause probable damage than building muscle. 

  • Keep your Arm workout to a Minimum  
If you are doing a back day and arm day in the same day, that's fine, however, if you do back day then bicep day, you MAY be overtraining your biceps. Your biceps or arms work in action too when doing other lifts. For example, if you are training your back, you are essentially working on your biceps too if you are performing a chin up/pull up for instance. Be wise on your workout selection and keep it pushing.

  • Workout Volume and Frequency
You do not want to overtrain any muscle. For Biceps, I recommend 2x/week or more depending on your workout regime. Remember, other workouts such as back workouts involve your bicep, a lot, so doing back one day and then biceps the other day may not be ideal.

Click here for a List of Bicep Workout Exercises!

  • Posing / Flexing
Posing or flexing your muscles or biceps, in this case, will help develop a better, more aesthetic bicep. By flexing your biceps, you're driving blood to that muscle, essentially pumping up the bicep will result in growth. Do this in between sets and after workout sessions to maximize workout sessions.

One Bicep is bigger than the other?

Do you have an imbalanced physique? Is one of your Biceps bigger than your other? Perhaps and if it is, it is okay. A lot of people have imbalances within there body. To simply fix this, you need to focus on the muscle that isn't developed as the other one. You need to increase the intensity and focus more volume on that particular muscle. Stop using the Barbell for a moment and focus on using unilateral movements [Dumbbells]. Occlusion training is shown to help improve muscle building.

The Overall Factor of Building Big Biceps

It will require intensity, strict form, tons of reps, forced reps, focusing on the concentric and eccentric phases, increased weight volume, and most importantly, train your arms like no other. Your arms need to be trained in different angles to get the best outcome.
Hope Y'all Enjoyed!


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