How Intermittent Fasting helped with Fat Loss

Fasting For Fat Loss

Intermittent Fasting is a "Diet" method, a period of time where you are not consuming any calories.Calories contribute to weight gain, so we want to restrict that as much as we can. People typically fast between 8-16 hours a day and have a eating period of 8 hours or so.

During the times of fasting, your body is esstentially detoxing itself. As we know, the foods and beverages we consume may not be nutritious for the body - typically for an american, people are consuming more than enough such as sugar intake, etc. When you give your body the poor nutrients, you need to get rid of it some how and I believe Fasting does that. By using the restroom, sweating and just by not consuming anything, your body is detoxing itself, getting rid of all the toxic nutritents that we do not need to hold onto.

Fasting Experience

I find that it's beneficial for me. When I was a kid, I was overweight, I always ate anything I want and as a result, I was a chubby boy. Moving forward to my teenage years, I was still overweight but now I was in highschool. I  did not enjoy highschool's foods so I would skip snack and lunch during school times, and wouldn't eat until I got home. So, I stopped eating after dinner, didn't eat breakfast nor snack and lunch and waited til ~3pm to finally eat a meal. That's a whopping half a day of missing out on food. That's fasting. I did not know about nutrition nor dieting when I was growing up. Until I started research ways to lose fat, etc, I did realize that Fasting is one of those tools I did go about to lose fat. Back onto the story; I fasted throughout highschool years. I dropped a lot of weight during my highschool years and that was the objective - I wanted to lean out and become more healthier. People noticed I was losing weight and noticed That I wasn't eating. I told them simply I did not like the food, which was true, but ultimately I was starving myself. I was always craving food and that's the negative part about fasting. However, I still fast today for many benefits. Also, to add on, I find that Fasting changes your body composition; when losing fat and building muscle, you're carving a physique and while fasted, you are shaping yourself in a way (if that makes any sense).

This is my story about fasting and how it changed my life.

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