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Fasting For Fat Loss

intermittent fasting fat loss tips

Intermittent Fasting is a "Diet" method

Intermittent fasting is a period of time where you do not consume any calories. That means foods and drinks must be 0 calories. Black coffee is okay to be consumed due to having 0 calories. People go about intermittent fasting because they want to promote fat-loss and it's a good way to promote fat loss.

Intermittent fasting can be different for everyone but generally, it is 16:8 | 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. During the 16 hours of not eating, your body is working hard to promote energy and thus results in fat/weight loss...Now during those 8 hours, you can eat anything. No specific die is required/needed.

It's not a "Diet" it's more of a Lifestyle Choice. You choose to not eat for a long period of time whereas typically people do not skip meals.

People also use this method to stay on IIFYM / If it fits your macros. The only problem is that some may find it hard to consume the calories that they need or to reach their quota for the day. Fasting can decrease the time of how much calories you can consume because you're skipping meals. You can still use the IIFYM method while not fasted.

Detoxing the Body while Fasting

During the times of fasting, your body is essentially detoxing itself. As we know, the foods and beverages we consume may not be nutritious for the body - typically for an American, people are consuming more than enough such as sugar intake, etc. When you give your body the poor nutrients, you need to get rid of it somehow and I believe Fasting does that. By using the restroom, sweating and just by not consuming anything, your body is detoxing itself, getting rid of all the toxic nutrients that we do not need to hold onto.

My Fasting Experience

I find that it's beneficial for me. When I was a kid, I was overweight, I always ate anything I want and as a result, I was a chubby boy. Moving forward to my teenage years, I was still overweight but now I was in high school. I  did not enjoy highschool's foods so I would skip snack and lunch during school times, and wouldn't eat until I got home. So, I stopped eating after dinner, didn't eat breakfast nor snack and lunch and waited til ~3pm to finally eat a meal. That's a whopping half a day of missing out on food. That's fasting. I did not know about nutrition nor dieting when I was growing up. Until I started to research ways to lose fat, etc, I did realize that Fasting is one of those tools I did go about to lose fat. Back onto the story; I fasted throughout high school years. I dropped a lot of weight during my high school years and that was the objective - I wanted to lean out and become healthier. People noticed I was losing weight and noticed That I wasn't eating. I told them simply I did not like the food, which was true, but ultimately I was starving myself. I was always craving food and that's the negative part about fasting. However, I still fast today for many benefits. Also, to add on, I find that Fasting changes your body composition; when losing fat and building muscle, you're carving a physique and while fasted, you are shaping yourself in a way (if that makes any sense).

Sustain low body Fat with Intermittent Fasting

While fasting, you're essentially consuming less/fewer calories on that day when fasting. This can be different for everyone but generally people who fast tend to consume fewer calories. When this happens, your body is in a calorie deficit mode which promotes automatic fat-loss. Now, if you were to fast daily, you can sustain the body fat you currently have. Many athletes or models use this tactic to stay lean and ripped. Eventually, when people want to grow a bit more, they'll eliminate the intermittent fasting diet and transition into a calorie surplus phase or just eating to grow not to shred down...

Building Muscle while Intermittent Fasting

It is not ideal to fast while trying to build muscle. You should know that if you are trying to build muscle, the muscles need nutrients to grow and while fasting, you're not consuming any nutrients, you're depleting your muscles from nutrients, etc. So, the moral of fasting is to: promote health, fat-loss, religious reasons and to feel better about yourself.
Read Morehttps://www.delicatenutrition.com/2019/05/fasting-is-not-optimal-for-bodybuilding.html

Diet While Intermittent Fasting

There's no "diet" needed when intermittent fasting; Fasting is just when you're not consuming any calories. A good diet is obviously a good ideal if you're wanting to promote health, but overall, you don't need a specific diet to go about fasting. Whoever is selling diet programs to those who are fasting is just scamming you for money.

Although when you're fasting, you're in a depleted state, meaning your body has little to no micro and macro nutrients. You need to replenish yourself by eating foods, taking supplements, eating the right foods to help replenish everything. If you were to eat junk after fasted, that wouldn't be a good or healthy idea because it has little to no beneficial nutrients, but it'll still give you the calories that your body needs.

Exercising While Fasting

You may have to be careful when exercising on a depleted state/fasted state. Remember, your body has little to no nutrients so when you're working out while fasted, you may become ill, tired, lethargic, etc. The trick is, don't go too hard while working out, don't amp up your intensity, workout at a normal pace to keep yourself in check.

Perfect for those who don't get enough activity in

If you're one of those people who don't like working out or can't, perhaps fasting can be ideal for ya. Considering you lose fat while in a fasted state, it sounds like a good idea to go about, right? Sure! It is ideal, however, your body will eventually get use to this "feeling" so you have to go back to a normal eating routine and start all over. But, if you cannot move, fasting can be beneficial for you. Try it and let me know how it goes.

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