Ways Marijuana Can Help With Your Workout Sessions

Marijuana as a Preworkout

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Marijuana is widely used for many benefits. It helps with so many things! It reduces anxiety, depression, improves focus, helps with cancer patients, helps induces sleep, helps with appetite, and many more.

Marijuana comes in different strains, different strains affect you different. Sativa, for example, is an uplifting, energetic type of strain whereas indicia or og, is a relaxing, sedation type of strain. I find using either or is beneficial but for some, it's personal preference.

Weed can Improve and Enhance

Weed and workouts do mix in my opinion. For my pre-workout, I will smoke marijuana. From this, it'll help by:

  1. Improving my focus/keen on the objective
  2. Increased Pain threshold
  3. Able to connect with my body/spirit better
  4. Better mind to muscle connection
  5. Better Recovery - Reduces inflammation
  6. Reduces Anxiety
When I workout, I'm more keen on my objective, less distracted and more in the zone. It's a weird feeling at first, but if you love working out, I would recommend you to try marijuana. My pain threshold is increased, I'm able to overcome the pain that comes along with Bodybuilding. I can reach beyond failure. If you want to go the extra mile with your workouts, marijuana may be the answer. Sometimes, when I workout, I don't feel the muscles engaging or working in a sense where I can actually feel them; when I consume marijuana, I'm more connected spiritually, mentally, and physically and thus helps with bodybuilding or building muscle. It is important to feel the muscles working to feel the burn to know that you are properly working that muscle.

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Eyes on the Athletes

If you haven't noticed, many athletes are coming out and saying that they have used or using marijuana to help them out. Michael Phelps for one used marijuana, and thus proves that a pro-athlete and an Olympian can use a recreational drug to help cope with certain things. Connor Mcgregor is another example of a famous person; he is a ufc fighter and uses marijuana. Arnold is another great example.. More - https://hightimes.com/sports/professional-athletes-smoke-weed/

Conclusion on Smoking Weed before Working Out

So if you're wanting to feel like you're in the zone, try smoking weed. Weed also helps with my pain threshold, making me able to go longer with my workout sessions. By all means, weed is not the miracle drug to enhance workout sessions. Sometimes it can make things worse, but that's rare, maybe you must be new to smoking. However, I find smoking weed very beneficial. Don't get too stoned, you don't wanna fall asleep while working out.


  1. I agree with all of that! If your looking for a particular strain I'd go with a heavy sativa before a workout! Keep up the good stuff brother!

    1. hell yea, sativa is good too! But i love me the og


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