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Build Your Biceps - Gain Mass

The Bicep consists of two [well 3] groups, the short head, and long head and the brachialis. The brachialis is hardly trained, so many people don't know how to get bigger arms. If you are wanting bigger arms, bigger peak, thicker arms, you need to train all muscles in all different ways. I will be showing you the Top Bicep exercises to gain mass.

Bicep Exercises - Build Short and Long Heads and The Brachialis

  • "Cross Body" Hammer Curls
The Hammer curl is a simple but yet effective exercise. This will train the LONG HEAD and the brachialis. Utilize this exercise to gain mass. 

  • Preacher Curls
Preacher Curls is one of my favorite exercises to hit the short head of the bicep. 

  • Pronated Curls "Reverse Curls"
 Pronated Curls are an awesome and effective exercise to perform to hit the long head and the brach. I find it beneficial to implement this within your workout regime.

  • Concentration Curls
Concentration curls are and should always be one of the staples of your bicep workout regime. It hits the short head but most importantly it places a lot of emphasis on the bicep.

  • Grip Style
Fiddling around with grip styles and hand-placements will place more or less emphasis on your biceps. Weird, but it works. So, when you are going to exercise, place your arms and hands and maybe your body position in different placements to see whether you feel a better pump or not.

  • Squeezing / Flexing
When you are curling the bar, you want to squeeze or flex the muscle once it has reached its peak contraction; squeezing the muscle allows more blood to be pumped to that area resulting in more growth.

  • Blood Flow Restriction Training
Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training is a method of cutting a supply of blood to a certain muscle to increase muscle damage. This aids in growth, strength, endurance, etc. Many people implement this method to increase lagging body parts and/or to increase size...Sometimes we cannot achieve a good pump, and with this method, you can very easily. To perform BFR or Occlusion Training, you must wrap a band or some sort around a limb, restrict the blood flow about 50%, don't completely cut off the circulation. From there, you Do NOT want to go heavy by all means - exercise with light-moderate weight; You want to achieve the pump, not to destroy your arms. I myself implement this within my arm workouts and it really does make a difference. Read more Here: | Also, a more indepth article:

Overtraining Biceps

You do not want to overtrain them at all. A lot of people don't realize that if you're constantly hitting your arms, how are you going to recover? Recovery results in growth, growth comes from recovery and if recovery is interrupted,
 growth won't be existent. You can feed your body very well, but if your recovery is off, then building muscle is going to be off too. Everything works together, diet, lifestyle, recovery, exercise regime. If you're not progressively overloading your biceps or any muscle really, then you aren't going to grow. You need to progress in strength and in weight. You need to use a heavier weight to increase muscle mass. Using a variety of techniques will develop/build your physique much faster.

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