Weight Loss & Weight Gain Explained - Calories, Nutrition

Weight Loss & Weight Gain Explained

Calorie Surplus
Calorie Deficit

Calories Surplus, Calorie Deficit

Calories play a huge role when it comes to your physique. 

Foods, beverages, etc [all of it] contain calories. In a matter of minutes, you can easily consume too many calories which will result in weight gain. A lot of people do not understand nutrition, the basic fundamentals of nutrition. 

The Fundamentals of Nutrition are:

Calories. Calories contain Macro and Micronutrients.

  • - Proteins
  • - Fats
  • - Carbs

All food and beverages contain a 'Nutrition Label.' 

This is where you can understand what the food/beverage item contains. The Macro and micronutrients. From there, you can decide whether to consume it or not.

In order to promote weight loss, everyone must know you must be in a Calorie deficit.

 A Calorie Deficit is when you are consuming fewer calories than normal... So for example, your main set of calories of the day was about 2,100~ calories and now if you are wanting to drop the weight, you need to drop the calories, under your 'maintenance level.' Now, your calorie count is ~1,800. You dropped about ~300 calories. Stay in the calorie deficit phase til you have dropped the weight and/or continue to manipulate your physique.

Whereas if you are wanting to gain weight you must be in a calorie surplus.

 The opposite of a calorie deficit. You must eat more to gain weight. So, the calorie set was ~2,100, now you need to boost it up to 2,400~ calories daily. That's a good 300+~ calorie intake. Thus will make you gain weight.

Simple and easy to understand when it comes to gaining weight and losing weight. Losing "FAT" is different because weight vs fat is different. FAT is the "FAT" that covers your muscles, giving you the chubby look; Whereas losing weight can be losing FAT along with Muscle and Water retention.

Diet Outlook 

Your diet is based on your preference and lifestyle. Everyone's diet lifestyle is different. A diet doesn't necessarily mean "Weight LOSS" as mentioned above, it's the Calories that Matter. You can eat healthy all day long but if you are consuming an excess amount of calories, you are going to gain weight.
Diets are to improve health and the quality of your life; Energy balance, inflammation reduction, etc.
However eating anything isn't the answer - you should consume beneficial nutrients that nourish the body in a positive way. Eating poorly will affect your physique and health much more.

If you are wanting to eliminate fat, you must know how to eliminate fat. By being in a calorie deficit, you will lose fat but also water and muscle weight. You need to exercise, eat a good and proper diet to sustain muscle and you need to be consistent with your habits to keep the muscle and to continue to build muscle. Without consistency, you will burn overall body weight and that is not good if you are wanting to look lean/ripped.

Well, that's it. The point of this article was to inform you, people, the basic understanding of how to lose and gain weight. Easily understood. Hope you gained something from this.


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