How I Reduced My Fractures (Having Type 3 OI)

How I Reduced My Fractures (Having Type 3 OI)

As a Kid, that was the peak times of me fracturing bones. I broke almost every bone; It was a horrible process of going through that but that was life, my condition was hard to cope with. I always horsed around like a normal kid, I didn't play different from others, however, I broke a lot from that. I knew I had a bone condition but I did not know my true limits of myself - I probably didn't care. Growing up was a depressing process because of all of my fractures, it put me in bed most of the time and in the hospital, so I didn't have a great childhood but I still had a somewhat fun childhood experience. Heading towards teenage years, i realized that health is the most important factor that I must, and everyone focuses on because if not, consequences will come. Neglecting exercise, which I did, neglecting nutrition, which I did leads to many health problems which caused me to fracture easily. When I reached middle school years, I wanted to become stronger and healthier so I can prevent fractures and develop muscle mass. So, I began to change my ways of eating, focused on better nutrition to help my body out, and I began weight lifting as a way to increase my strength and muscle mass. I started weight lifting just casually to get a pump around 9th grade; I wasn't bodybuilding, I just wanted strength development. Going forward a bit more, I noticed eating healthy, taking my dr's recommended supplements and taking care of my body/health, I stopped fracturing a bit; I haven't broken a bone throughout high school. I seriously got involved in weight lifting when I realized that I'm much stronger and I knew my capability, I knew my limits, I understood who I am and what My Condition does to me. I have done a lot of research throughout my times so that helped me progress through life such as improving myself. Many people who have Oi are neglecting their health which I do not understand, but not only Oi people, but average people too are neglecting their health. Health is the most important factor we must take into account on the DAILY. If you want to feel good, perform good, be strong, you have to battle yourself every day. As you just sit there and not do anything, it's going to get much worse. As a kid (back to my kid years), I did nothing but play video games 24/7. I knew now that caused a lot of issues and so looking back at it, I wish I done more to help my body, myself to prevent these issues I have today. Now, I'm not saying weight lifting is the key to improve yourself regarding strength, but it does help a lot. If you want to promote bone strength, muscle strength, you have to work out, use some type of resistance. Along with eating right/properly, you can promote a much better healthy performing body. If you are deficient, bone strength, muscle strength, etc will decrease and that WE do not Want AT ALL!

Welp, that's the story. I'd love to hear your story/journey! Leave me a comment, I'll be reading them.

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