Weight Loss and Weight Gain Explained:

How to get Shredded in 4 Easy Steps


Fast fat burning at home workouts

To burn fat fast at home, look into High-Intensity Interval Training method (HIIT). HIIT is a good way to start burning off fat because of its high intensity. High intensity requires tons of effort and energy, while going through the intense process of working out, you are burning a lot of calories during that session. HIIT workouts tend to use all of your body - using upper and lower body parts to get everything moving. Weightlifting is not an ideal way of losing fat because you have to workout for a long period of time to get the same fat-burning result as HIIT; HIIT is more effective for fat-loss.

Fast fat loss diet

To promote fat-loss you must examine your diet and nutrition side of things. It is important to realize nutrition and how it affects your body. Having a poor diet has many consequences and thus we want to prevent. If you want to look lean, muscular and healthy, your diet/nutrition must be improved. People who are always eating junk food and consuming non-beneficial nutrition, they are prone to health problems as well as facing daily problems like loss of motivation, energy, feeling down, etc. By eating healthy, consuming beneficial nutrients, you will promote a better and healthy body; Your performance will go up, energy, motivation, and you'll be lean and muscular.

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However, to reach the lean physique state, you must have a low body fat %, meaning you need to have less fat than muscle or more muscle than fat. By having a lot of fat on your body, it will cover up your muscular definition, so by reducing the fat on your body, you will look more ripped, lean and muscular.
To reach low body fat %, or to lose fat, you must be in a calorie deficit. To gain weight you must eat more than you should. This is how fat comes and goes.
By manipulating your body fat, you can achieve a certain physique that you want.
I find intermittent fasting is a good way to lose fat pretty quickly as well. Here's one of my blog post regarding it: https://www.delicatenutrition.com/2019/05/intermittent-fasting-fatloss.html


This method, "keto diet" is a popular dieting method for losing weight. Keto means essentially you're tapping into your ketones, and in this case, you're using fat for energy rather than carbs for energy. In order to tap into your keto state, you must be in a carb-depleted state meaning you have to have no carbs within your system. No carbs, keto will kick it, and you'll be a fat burning machine. However, this may not be suited for you. This is a strict-diet method because you are limited on what you need to eat; remember you cannot have no carbs or hardly no carbs to promote ketosis. It's a popular method because how dramatic fat-loss happens when you're in a ketosis state and you will be burning fat all day long while in ketosis.

Fast belly fat loss exercise

Belly fat is hard to get rid of. I mean, in my experience, it is one of the hardest areas to improve. That's because nutrition and diet come into play. Your core, your stomach, your belly, your tummy, is the main area you should focus on when it comes to losing weight, gaining weight, and examining your diet. If your diet is off, your core region/ab region will be off as well. Look at your conditioning, do you see your abs? Do you have a bubble-gut or a beer gut? if so, your diet/nutrition is horrible, you need to improve upon. But anyways, let me explain how to lose belly fat.
You cannot target a specific area where you want to lose fat, by working out a "certain region" on your body, you're only improving that muscle area/tightening up that area, improving the muscle/blood flow and also reducing fat but you are reducing fat throughout your body, not only that specific area that you want to target for fat-loss. So by doing crunches or ab exercises, you will lose belly fat but overall, your body will shred off the fat everywhere. That's why it is important to be consistent with your workouts and dieting. Also! not to mention that intermittent fasting is a good way in my experience for fat-loss; it will help trim down body fat, and it'll recomposition your body.

Fast way to fat loss

  • Calorie Deficit
  • Clean Eating / proper nutrition and diet
  • Exercise
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Carb / Macro manipulation
  • Ways to Combat fat gain

Water fast and fat loss

Water fasting or starving yourself is not the way to go about losing weight/fat. That is the wrong way and it's damaging. Sure, you will lose weight by starving, but you are also damaging yourself in the long/short run. People often get really sick doing these types of methods. The best way to lose fat is to be consistent with your diet and with a calorie deficit. Water fast is just stuffing water in your belly to seem full, but in reality, you aren't. You need to feed your body nutrients. Dramatic fat-loss like that often causes health issues.

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