Increase Muscle Gains: Time Under Tension Tips and Tricks | Techniques to Build Muscle

increase muscle gains

Increase Muscle Gains: Time Under Tension Tips and Tricks | Techniques to Build Muscle

Time under tension \ muscle build techniques

Alright, so a lot of people have many ways of building muscle. The obvious is to progressively go up in weight to increase strength and muscle gains, however, you don't need heavy a** weights to build muscle. There are techniques that will help break the muscle fibers down in a greater fashion so you do not have to lift heavy nor lift for a long time. This is called Intensity. Anyways, Time under Tension (TuT) is a great way to incorporate into your workout to get the best result.

Muscle Building Tip: Rep Tempo:

This is the eccentric and concentric phase of the movement; You want to focus on gradually lifting the weight rather than just lifting, you want to place all the emphasis on the curl. You can do this for the curl to the top or on the bottom of the movement. You can fiddle around with this to get the best result.
* Eccentric: Lowering Phase - When the weight is going in a negative direction.
*Concentric: Lifting phase - curling the weight.

muscle building tips

Muscle Building Tip: Isometric Hold:

Basically, you're holding in a still-position, causing a lot of stress on that muscle. This is also effective to go about.

Muscle Building Tip: Increasing Rep Range:

You obviously need to increase rep range as you progressively get stronger to increase more muscle stimulus.

Muscle Building Tip: Half Reps:

You do not necessarily have to do full range of motion when it comes to building muscle, so adding in those half-reps can do the trick.

muscle building tips

Muscle Building Tip: Stretching:

When you're full of blood, you may feel 'tight' or constricted; When people stretch they feel like more blood can be delivered and in this case, that means more growth. So, the next time you're pumped up, stretch afterward and go back hitting the weights. Notice the difference afterward.

Muscle Building Tip: Drop Sets:

Drop sets are ideal to build and maximize your pump. Going from the heaviest to the lowest weight in a pyramid scheme is the way to go about it. Or vice-versa.

Building muscle requires tons of effort to break the muscle down

If you're going to the gym and working out, but not hard enough, you're not going to grow. You must go with intensity, rage, hit the weights hard. Doing casual stuff won't get you any results and that's why techniques are important to realize. The Pro's knows how to break down the body to make it grow more.

If you need help building muscle or have any questions or have any tips, comment down below.

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