Monday, June 17, 2019


Hey everyone. My name is Tommy and I have osteogenesis imperfecta [type 3].

Sex Life

Sex life is nothing different, just about the same as others. I do not have to do anything special or use anything because I am capable of handling myself and my partner...However, if you're a bit more severe with bone fracturing, I highly suggest finding ways to cope with it. Sex in my life is important because it's part of life and to progress with someone and through life, sex is required. Many people know sex is important but do not take the action to find a partner, etc...

Sex with OI

Now, as mentioned, severe people need to be more aware of themselves and their partner; You can easily get hurt. This may be difficult for some but it's possible to engage in sexual activity. Just tell your partner to be easy and to find ways that work...

When / What Age Should I Start Having Sex?

It does not matter what age, but at least 17+ age because anything younger than that is a bit odd, but that's your choice (LOL). Anyways, it does not really matter however you do not want to wait til you're old.

Any Complications while having sex with Oi? Post activity?

No complications, nothing.

Having sex while having OI is perfectly fine. I highly recommend finding a partner to engage in sexual activity. Neglecting sex can impact your life in a huge huge way.

Have any questions for me? If you have anything on your mind, comment down below, or message me personally through facebook or ig or use the contact me via website.

More info on the website of osteogenesis imperfecta: http://www.oif.org/site/PageServer?pagename=fastfacts

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  1. What will happen if I wait until I am old to have sex? I am worried?

  2. Hey, if you were to have sex at a old age, I'd say you would miss out on a lot. Such as growing and experiencing with another partner. It's different to not have sex at a early age and if you were to have sex at a older age for the first time, you may not know what to do lol. But there's more than that. If people neglect sex because they cannot find a partner, people can end up depressed, sad, lonely and just not taking the action to find a partner. It's important to have a partner in your lifetime.


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