5 Simple Workout Tips for More Effecting Training

Simple Workout Tips for More Effecting Training 

These training techniques will increase your performance in the gym for maximum results in the long run.

1) Pay attention to the Eccentric Phase

Pay attention to the lift of the movement and the drop of the movement! Are you just letting the weight drop and then lift the weight up? or are you controlling the weight down and weight up with all the tension? Time under tension is key for condition and building mass. The eccentric phase of the movement is the downward movement, the weight is going down, so if you control the movement going down, you're placing must more stress on the muscle & if you were to completely control the lift up (concentric phase).

2) Pause Reps

I love pause reps. People think that you have to intensely swing the weights around or keep going like you're some animal. Sometimes that may work for some but like I said, time under tension is the key. So, if you were to pause at the top of the movement for about 2-4 seconds, you're placing a ton of stress on the muscles, and you can do this when the weight is at the bottom of the movement. Do this in your workout to add intensity.

3) Unilateral Work

Some of us may not be balanced 100%. One side of our body may be bigger than the other side. For example, like one bicep may be bigger and stronger than the other. If this is the case, you should focus on unilateral work - only focusing on one side of the body. So skip the barbells, and instead use dumbbells and get to work. This will fix imbalances for sure

4) Whole Body Exercise - Bodyweight training

Bodyweight training such as dips, pushups, pullup, etc is amazing for building strength and to condition the body. This will overall build your body like a beast. Yeah, weight lifting is awesome too for building muscle and what not, but if you're looking for that conditioning and strength, bodyweight training is the way to go. This'll show and prove real raw strength and will add more endurance in your field.

5) Stretching / Recovery

With all the intense and long periods of exercise and whatnot, our body's are brutally damaged. Some of us do not even pay attention to recoveries such as nutrition, sleep, and stress. If you're doing some intense workouts, you need to give your body what it needs. If you're constantly in the gym lifting weights, most likely you're going to tight from the sessions, so by stretching, foam rolling, getting massages, you're reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation and much more. This will help with recovery and making you feel a whole lot better.

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