Bodybuilding: Tips for Newbies

Bodybuilding: Tips for Newbies

Tips for People who want to Bodybuild

Bodybuilding is quite tedious and hard, and actually very difficult if you do not have the mindset or discipline.

When it comes to bodybuilding, you must know your body, nutrition, and life overall.
Bodybuilding consist of more than working out, you have to count in nutrition, sleep and lifestyle activities. It's much more than working out to build muscle; to build muscle, you need proper sleep and nutrition, so without the proper knowledge, bodybuilding can be an extreme and dangerous task.

Bodybuilding is more than a 9-5 job; you're working on or you should work on your body all-day everyday. You have to be consistent with bodybuilding. Every minute counts when it comes to bodybuilding. If you're not focusing on yourself, you can easily fall off. Now, everyone's goal is different when it comes to bodybuilding. My personal goal is to become aesthetic rather than a mass monster, so the bodybuilding regime may be quite different because it's a totally different approach.

If you are new to bodybuilding, read on to find out what you should focus on to get the optimal results


Sleep is important for Muscle Building and to Repair the Body

Sleep is so important because it is the vital process of healing. When you're sleeping, that's when your body is going through repairs or healing mode, and also, you're building muscle during the time when you're sleeping. So if you're not sleeping well or at all, muscle building will be hindered and it'll be difficult to keep building muscle, trying to maintain muscle and to stay functional.


Eat Clean - For Physique and Health Purposes

When it comes to your physique, it's all about diet and nutrition. Nutrition especially is important to bodybuilders because we should all strive to eat well to feel and look great but not all people are like that. If you eat well, your body physique is going to look well too. Your mental clarity will be enhanced, you'll feel more motivated and alive. With dirty eating or eating junk, you will still build muscle, however, you're sacrificing your physique for junk food. Feed your body the proper nutrients.


Form Matters When Lifting - Avoid Injury - Establish mind to muscle connection

So if you have been lifting for a while, you should know that form matters. It's all about the form, well sometimes. If you're encountered injuries, perhaps your form is off. Are you not building the quality muscle you're wanting or been expecting? Perhaps your intensity, form and workout regime is off. So with form, if you do it correctly, you can isolate the muscle better, recruit more muscle fibers and establish the mind to muscle connection better. If you haven't noticed if you're not caring about proper form that other muscles may be involved when trying to train a certain muscle only. So if you want to emphasize all of your energy on a specific muscle, focus on form. This'll also prevent injuries.


Don't Forget Your Compound Lift

Compound lift is important to implement into your workout because it trains a lot of muscles. For example, overhead press, deadlifting, squats, etc are important to go about because it trains all muscle groups, using your Whole body for energy to perform the movement/rep/lift. This'll also train your core (abs/stomach) to become tight and it'll teach you to keep your core always tight.
By neglecting compound movements, you're missing out on a lot of growth. Easy on the weights though, serious proper form is required.


Stretch / Warm Up

I say it's important to warm up your body before going into any type of intense workouts. If you're tensed or have tight muscles, you're prone to injuries due to a limited range of motion. By stretching, warming up, getting massages, etc, you're receiving blood flow to the area that is tight and this'll relieve the pressure, giving you more range of motion and mobility.


Have Realistic Goals

Bodybuilding is cool and fun, it's all about personal experience and achievement. If you're wanting to get massive like rich piana, just know that drugs are involved to get that big. That's not really realistic due to his health problems from the beginning being that big...but the point is, set realistic goals to stay committed to bodybuilding. Bodybuilding doesn't take 24 hours to see results, sometimes it's more than days or weeks to see or get what you want. Set a goal, have a journal, see your journey.

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