Don't Know Why I'm Overweight

I have No idea Why or How I am overweight - I hardly Eat

I dont know why or how i'm gaining weight

When I hear people say," I hardly eat and I have no idea why I'm overweight or gaining weight" & I'm thinking that, it's quite impossible to gain weight without eating in a calorie surplus.
Now, sure hormones and what not can play a role of body composition, muscle and fat, etc, but overall, I believe in the diet and nutrition and the number of calories you are consuming.

Calories In Calories Out!

There's no way someone can gain weight without eating in an excessive amount!

Key points of managing weight:

1) Nutrition and Diet.
A) Here's one of the main vital things you must address. That is by eating healthier, making the right choices and how much you consume. Your diet is the main priority you must focus on because you can easily gain fat without even noticing it. Foods, nowadays, are either good or bad, nutritious or not, aka junk food. Junk foods contain a lot of calories and sometimes we get carried away and thus is how people become overweight. Your food is not nutritious and your body reacts in a negative way due to the lack of good nutrients and whatnot. If you tend to eat healthier, your body and mind will become healthier and will look much better. Your skin tone is improved, your muscular definition is much improved, and overall, you don't look like a sack of potatoes.
B) I believe the main problem is that people do not consider the snacks and what not they consume and if they consume any snacks during the day. For example, do you consume sodas on a regular basis? And Snacks such as chips, candy, cookies, etc? They contain a lot of carbs and sugar, resulting in fat gain. They contain a lot of calories too, so if you think about it, you may be excessively consuming too many calories all in one sitting or you're just eating too much during the day. You have to be wise about how much you consume and how much calories they contain because, as I mentioned, sometimes we can get carried away by all of these good tasting foods.
C) My best advice for those people who are wanting to dramatically reduce their weight is to by eliminating all junk related foods and beverages. Sodas, chips, snacks, and fast food meals. Stick with healthier options, always stay hydrated with Water and constantly drink water to help flush out your body. Also, you're wanting to balance out your diet. So do not always consume Italian food such as pasta's and what not because they're carbs and not really nutritious; remember, nutrition is the key. The foods that contain good minerals and vitamins (micronutrients) is the key to sustaining & promoting good physique, power, and overall better health.

1) Watch what You Eat
2) Balance out your diet such as the macronutrients. Don't always eat starchy foods or always proteins and fats, mix it up with some fiber like vegetables, get in some fish if you can, eat some healthier options to promote better health.

Eating Like Junk all the time?

2) Lifestyle
Sleep, stress, mental thinking, etc play a role in how your body reacts. If you are constantly stressed, you may be in a flight or fight mode which tenses the whole body which results in pain, discomfort, etc. This will impact the way you feel overall. By addressing your stress, you can optimize health and hormones which is important for body composition and whatnot. It's important for your mental health as well.

3) Exercise
When you are not exercising, where are the calories going? Nowhere, so that should tell you something. When you put your body into a mode of training/exercising, it's using calories as energy to continue with the game-plan (exercising) and this is how you burn off fat, essentially. When you're burning calories during a training session, it'll help shred off that fat off of your body. The calories are being used up, so it's not going to be stored as fat, it's being used as fuel. If you do not exercise and see weight gain, then you know why. The calories you consume are too much and it'll be stored as fat.

4) Portions - Food Portions - Meal Portions
When it comes to portions, sometimes we have no idea how much we're consuming. This is important to realize because sometimes we get carried away and end up consuming more calories than needed and it's quite unnecessary to consume much of calories all in one sitting. Portion control can help with this. You have to balance out your foods within your meals. So if you think you got too much of something, take it out and replace it with an alternative or wait til later. You have to see how your body reacts to portions. If you notice you gain weight with a lot of food on your plate, separate the foods for the next meal, etc. Portion control folks.

People also claim that they tend to skip breakfast and sometimes lunch and still have no idea why they're gaining weight or overweight.

- Here's the issue I believe:
I believe that you're not fasting during those times that you "claim" you're not eating breakfast or lunch. Maybe because you're not eating a regular meal, but are you consuming snacks or any beverages? Sodas and teas, fraps, etc contain a lot of sugar, calories, and carbs, so make sure you track those.
And for those who say I still skip breakfast and/or lunch; maybe you're consuming too many calories at once. Balance out the calories throughout the day. So that means to start eating breakfast, eat lunch, make sure you eat enough in moderation, not indulging in foods.

How You Are Gaining Weight

Weight gain has to come from being in a calorie surplus. A calorie surplus means that you're eating in a surplus, consuming too many foods/beverages and thus your body will gain weight, no doubt it.

  • Eating too much
  • Sitting too much
  • Not exercising
  • Not caring about your health
  • Not a good decision maker when it comes to food consumption
  • Maybe a snacker? Stop that
  • Sodas a poison.
  • Excessively eating
  • Eating til you drop

How to Lose Weight

You have to be in a calorie deficit, or essentially you have to eat fewer calories throughout the day. You can eliminate anything that does not necessarily help you in any way such as sodas and chips and you will end up losing weight just by cutting those out.

  • Calorie Deficit
  • Working out
  • Balance Diet
  • Portion Control
  • Fast
  • Supplements

Unexpected Weight Gain
Check your lifestyle, such as stress, sleep, etc. Check your hormones, get a blood test, are you emotional eating? etc. Your whole life determines your physique & whatnot.

1) Don't excessively eat - don't eat till you're really full, aka when your stomach bulges out.
2) Eat foods in moderation, don't go overboard with anything
3) Be wise in your food choices
4) Calories matter and so do macros
5) Get in your vegetables, they're important.
6) Portion Control

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