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Hi Everyone, My name is Tommy and I wrote this blog post to help y'all out who's in a wheelchair.

Staying Fit and Healthy TIps

Now I know how hard and depressing it is to lose that weight. Sometimes, or at least I do, I think it's impossible for me to lose weight because I'm not getting the proper exercise to promote weight loss. The example is Cardio. I know people run to lose weight but I cannot...So, I thought that I have to stick with my weight. But that's false. You do not need cardio in your life to lose fat/weight. It's all about diet, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle approach.
Later down the road, everything changed,

I have countless articles and blog posts about how to lose weight, etc, so I recommend to y'all to check them out.

What Causes Fat Gain

Tips To Stay Fit While Being in A Wheelchair ♿

how to stay healthy and in shape in a wheelchair

  • Eat Healthily! Better nutritional foods provide the body better results, so if you are eating/consuming junk food all the time, realize what you're doing to your body and make the change to a better eating habit. Use junk food in moderation, eat your greens, balance out your meals, balance out the nutrition but most importantly consume beneficial nutrients. Get enough proteins fats and carbs, not only just carbs and fats. So that is - don't always eat out for fast foods, make homemade meals or restaurants that provide good quality!
  • Stay Hydrated! Staying hydrated has many benefits, it provides the body what it needs and it helps flush out toxins and helps with a bit of weight loss. If you're consuming any sugary beverages, I highly suggest to stop consuming those and stick with water only. Water is the king of all drinks but occasionally you can treat yourself to other beverages...
  • Exercise! If you can get in some exercise, that'll be perfect to stay fit while being in a wheelchair. As hard it may seem or to do, you have to work out and you can. There are no excuses, so get working!
  • Sleep Good! Sleep quality is important, if you're lacking in sleep, make sure you're getting your sleep in. Not sleeping well affects the whole body.
  • Stress! Stress also plays a huge role in the body. If you're eating junk and stressing, you're causing a lot of stress to the body which overall just ruins or damages the body. As a result, it is much harder to lose weight and it'll make you retain fat and gain it much easier.
  • Track your Macros! One of the easiest ways to help maintain and/or to lose weight. Learn more here.
  • Supplements! Supplements are ideal for anyone and everyone. I find supplements beneficial in my life because I strive for certain things and it benefits me. It's convenient and useful for my lifestyle. I find it useful for others too. For example, I use fat burner supplement, protein supplement, and more. 
  • Nutrition & Diet. If you're consuming a good diet and nutrition, you shouldn't be concerned about staying fit. If you're overweight and still eat healthily, you're consuming too many calories and you need to eat less to be losing fat. Be in a calorie deficit. 

What Not To Do While Trying To Stay Fit In A Wheelchair

  • Do not: Excessively Eat food, don't keep eating if you're full. Eat till you're satisfied. 
  • Do not: Drink sugary beverages all the time. Drink your water
  • Do not: Snacking all the time. Snacks contain a lot of calories. Be wise about what you eat and how much you eat. 
  • Do not: Always eat junk. Eat your beneficial and nutritional foods as well
  • Do not: Always Stress and sleep poorly. It leads to health complications!
  • Do not: Stay Depressed - be happy and motivated!
  • Do not: Have a Poor Man's/Women's Mindset. Be driven, be in control!

It's All About Consistency When it Comes to Staying Fit and Healthy!

In Conclusion, it comes to your lifestyle. If your lifestyle is good and on point, you do not have to worry about much. Mainly on how much calories you're consuming and if you're consuming nutritional foods...Since I changed my eating habits, I noticed everything changed about me and my life[style]. My goals, my thoughts, my drive changed. I became more positive, more out-going and my well-being was improved. I feel better, think clearer and just feel motivated. I notice I feel like crap when I eat unhealthily or don't stick to a health plan, so I always stay strict on my diet and nutrition regime. Every so often, I'll grab a donut or so just to enjoy the foods.

However, I also use supplements to help with reaching my goals. For example, to reach aesthetic physique (Bodybuilding) I have to manipulate my body to get to that "level." It takes a certain lean mass and body fat to reach the aesthetic physique look. So I'll use fat burners to help aid in that process, etc. So it's ideal for anyone to use supplements, but remember, it's no cure, it's temp and your body will adapt over time. 

I do not believe it is that difficult to lose weight and/or to stay healthy and in shape. I know it's complicated but once you've adopted this mindset of just staying fit, you'll begin to change your life. You'll begin to make the changes that are necessary. It's not a job nor a chore, it's a lifestyle change and game-plan. It's a mental challenge, it'll build you up from the bottom. 

There are no magic foods or ways to stay in shape and fit. It's all about commitment, consistency, and dedication. If you're not driven, motivated and committed along with being consistent with it, then you're not going to progress or maintain anything. You have to stay strict on yourself.

wheelchair fitness

If you have any questions or need coaching services, I'm here to help everyone and anyone out. I have years of knowledge and experience of losing weight and building muscle (bodybuilding). If you need some assistance, click here to get in contact with me and I'll get back to you ASAP.

You can always leave a comment down below if you have anything on your mind rather.

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