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Thursday, July 25, 2019


Recovery Tips for Osteogenesis Imperfecta People (Them who have Brittle Bones)

When you are injured, you want to make sure that you heal properly. Sometimes, us people, do not prioritize healing. Healing comes in many factors such as sleep, proper nutrition and letting yourself rest. When you're messing around with any of those factors, you're essentially causing an interruption in the healing process and thus may cause healing issues and issues to the injured area. If you're not healing properly, you can damage the area more, causing more issues which may result in slow healing progress. I've experienced this before when trying to continue to strain myself and not letting myself to rest. When you're resting, your body is doing its job to heal up and you're not damaging or straining the injured area more. Once you've healed up to the point where you can move around freely without pain, you want to start doing rehab exercises for the injured area. If you are not exercising the area that was damaged, you're just causing more damage to the area that was already previously damaged. It may seem a bit odd but you want to increase blood flow to the injured area to supply it with new nutrients. With a proper diet, you can ensure that your muscles and the area that is injured are getting fresh, new and beneficial nutrients. If you're eating junk, sleeping poor, stressing, and/or straining yourself constantly, you're causing damage than good. Your recovery process will be hindered and damaged. You'll recover but not in the right way.

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