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Thursday, August 22, 2019

DO You Need Cardio To Lose Fat?

DO You Need Cardio To Lose Fat?

Answer is NO! People you do not need to do cardio to promote fat loss. Sure, it'll be easier to go about it, but it's not necessary.
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Cardio isn't the main thing that causes fat-loss, it only helps promote fat-loss due to long periods of cardio sessions.

What really matters are the calories that you are consuming. Are you consuming too much? If so, then you will gain weight. People who do cardio wants to either lose fat because they tend to eat too much and not dieting or to sustain their weight.

In the end, what matters are the calories.

 You must know and understand how many calories you are consuming.

I myself is a wheelchair user, I do not walk nor run, nor participate in any type of cardio sessions. I can with a still bike if I really wanted too but I do not, instead, I focus mainly on my diet and to be in a calorie deficit.

When you're in a calorie deficit, you're consuming fewer calories than before, so as a result, your body will begin to shred off weight or fat. It is important to understand your calorie intake daily.

Intense Training Sessions Do Promote Fat LOSS

Intense strength workouts such as weightlifting/bodybuilding, HIIT Workouts, or some other form of intense workout sessions can help burn calories as much as cardio sessions, that is only if you're really putting in the effort. For example, for weight lifting, when you're using a lot of muscles or going about compound movements, you're using more energy which in return will burn more calories. Weightlifting or any type of intense sessions are effective for weight loss. On the side note, it's a different type of conditioning work for the body vs cardio, you'll be gaining more lean muscle with weightlifting than cardio work.

The Goal for Weight Loss is to be in a calorie deficit. The calories matter. When you're eating too much, you're going to gain weight, this should be obvious to all.  Use MyFitnessPal to track your calorie intake and go from there.

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