"Low Carb Diet" Explained

Low carb diet for fat loss

Low Carbohydrate Diet is a method consuming very low carbohydrates throughout the day, around the range of 50-100g~. When you give your body carbs, it utilizes that as energy, whereas if you were to deplete your body from carbs from doing a low carb diet or day, you will transition over into your fat as energy resulting in fat loss.

The Goal of the Low Carb Diet

This is ideal for those who want to burn fat/weight/water weight fast.
Anyone and Anybody can Benefit from this Diet Method.
Bodybuilders/physique people especially can benefit from this diet because carbs can be the enemy for fat gain and water retention. When people want to slim down, look lean and very vascular, they eliminate carbs from their diet to achieve this goal.

Low Carb Diet Burns Fat QUICK

The purpose of doing this diet for its fat-loss method; it's a great way to go about if you're trying to lose fat quickly. Since you're eliminating carbs from your diet, you're restricting calorie consumption which leads to weight loss.

Paleo, Mediterranean, and high-protein diets like the Atkins diet are all examples of low-carb.

Water Weight Gone Quick with Low Carb Diet

Glycogen: The body stores carbs in the form of glycogen, which binds water in the muscles and liver. When carb intake goes down, glycogen levels in the body go down, and the water follows along.

How To Do: Low Carb Diet

  • Carbs are a No-No!
  • You don't want to consume foods that have carbs
  • Count your Macros if necessary (Using MyfitnessPal App)
  • Wait for 24Hours & Decide if you're going to repeat the same diet for the next day
  • Make sure you're eating enough proteins and fats, don't go overboard on the fats nor proteins.
  • Beverages contain carbs as well, be careful.
There's nothing special or difficult about this diet method, it's basically just not eating anything that has carbs. It may be hard at first because of the food selections you have to worry about now, but it will get easier. When it comes to dessert though, the temptations are real but you must overcome with great discipline.

How Long to Do Low Carb Diet

It's up to you for how long you want to go about doing this diet method. You're restricting calories and carbs, which is essential for bodybuilders if you're looking to grow and fill out. There's really no danger in this diet method unless you already have an existing health issue that requires carbs, but if you do, make sure you consult with your doctor beforehand.

Keto Vs Low Carb. Difference?

Keto and Low carb is basically the same [diet] method because they're both restricting/eliminating carbs within your diet. Keto, on the other hand, doesn't happen overnight, it's a process to reach the 'ketosis state' and when that happens, then you're successfully engaging in the diet right. With the low carb diet, on the other hand, you are just restricting/eliminating carbs for a couple days, a day or weeks, month but the goal of the two are different. Sure, you may reach ketosis doing low carb diet, but when you're doing the keto diet specifically, you're wanting to ensure you're in the ketosis state whereas when doing the low carb, you may consume high carbs for a day or before a workout then consume fewer carbs afterward and thus will break your ketosis state. The goal of the two is the loose weight ultimately. 

Pro's & Con's of Low Carb Diet

  1. Can't have any carbs
  2. Maybe hungry all the time
  3. Irritable?
  4. Loss of energy due to no carbs/tired all the time
  1. Fat Loss
  2. Staying and maintaining a Lean Physique
  3. Promotes vascularity & Shredded-ness
  4. Can Improve health
  5. Detox method
  6. Body Recomposition

Is it Worth Doing the Low Carb Diet?

Ask yourself, do you want to stop eating them carbs? The bread, the pasta, the food that is most enjoyable because it's mostly carbs...Yeah, it's really up to you. If you want to look shredded or want to lose fat quickly, go do the low carb diet. Do this for a month and you'll see results and it may improve your health if you're not up to par. You may be finding it hard at first to not consume anything that has carbs, but it will get easier once you see the results. You may feel sluggish and/or tired all the time, but that's perfectly normal due to no carbs in your body, carbs are what gives us energy & when you're depleted, your body is switching to other resources for energy. Once your body has adapted, you'll overcome the tiredness and will start feeling great. Of course, you'll hit a plateau later down the road, but refeed or stopping this method for a bit will reset your body adjustment.

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