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Mixed nuts - the pefect and ideal snack *nutritional*

How can I add volume to my workout?

You can add volume by doing the unnecessary things but it'll help add on more strength, muscle, mass, etc. You can add in drops sets, supersets, partials, help from your partner, go longer, slow the tempo down, use alternative ways to train, such as resistance bands, blood flow restriction, etc. It's about adding in more details in your workout regime to get more out of it.

Can skinny body type people gain muscle quick?

Yes, actually people who never weight lifted before will gain a lot of muscle of the first half because you're simply new to this type of stress, as a result, you'll begin to grow since you have little to no muscle mass from the beginning anyways. Once you've started developing muscle & strength, it's going to get much harder to promote gains, so you have to work harder, work smarter, etc.

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Why do you look more muscular and toned as your skin gets darker?

It's all about the lightning, the shadows help bring out the definition of your muscles. The lighter/whiter you are, the harder it is to see your muscle definition.

Do light weights tone your muscles?

Lightweights do increase the tone of your muscles. You have to rep out a lot though if you want to make them gains!

Are 5 sets of 5 reps good?

Sure, depending on your goals, but of course, go more!

Why does weight lifting make you eat too much?

Since you're exerting a lot of energy, you're burning calories and depleted from the resources you've gained from eating - So after your workout for example, your body needs energy and to be replenished again, so your appetite may increase which leads to eating a lot. This is fine since you're weight lifting. Also cardio, etc will help increase appetite!

When you start lifting weights and get stronger, do things start to just feel lighter?

Yes, duh!

Should you train to failure for hypertrophy?

Depends, everyone's different but a lot of Pro's and myself do go to failure. Whatever works for you, people!

What's clean bulking?

Instead of eating whatever you like to gain weight/mass, you eat healthily instead - Staying in a calorie surplus but mainly focusing on nutrition to benefit your body.

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