Guide To Bigger Arms 2019 (Biceps & Triceps)

Bicep, tricep training information for bigger arms "Delicatenutrition"

My Guide To Big Arms

So, you want bigger biceps, triceps; overall a bigger arm right?

Well, If you were to look at my Instagram, @oi.strength , I believe I got some nicely developed arms, especially my biceps, but my triceps gains are good too.

So, today, I'm going to give you tips and info about how to get bigger arms..

This is "DelicateNutrition's" Guide to


guide to bigger arms 2019


3 Exercises!

The bicep has two heads, the best way to maximize growth is to hit both of the heads. Now, of course, every exercise somewhat hits the overall biceps, but you can easily isolate the bicep muscles to achieve more damage, more damage means essentially more growth.

First exercise:
Spider curls:
Spider curls will eliminate the momentum from your lift- this is important because your biceps is doing all the hard work.

Use a bench for this exercise.

Second Exercise:
Static Holds - Alternating Bicep Curl
This is good for hitting the biceps because you're keeping constant tension with the 'static holds.'
static holds mean that you're holding the weight, keeping constant tension, not letting go of the weight, you're still in a flex position, but you're repping them out without resting.

Third Exercise:
Hammer Curls:
Hammer curls are the essential for growing big arms. It hits the muscles that a regular CURL does not! So, make sure you're implementing this exercise in your workout session!


Pumping the muscle "Flex the muscles"
The muscles you're training, in this case, the Biceps, you want to flex in between every set to maximize the blood flow to the area, which gives a bigger pump!

Reps and Volume
It all depends on you for the reps and sets and volume, etc. Everyone's different, so I just recommend going til failure on some exercises if it feels very well!

More tips for growing bigger arms!

  • Add in super sets, drop sets, partials to maximize the damage!
  • Intensity!


4 Exercises
The triceps is the largest muscle on your arm, bigger than your biceps. So, if you have lagging arms, try prioritizing your triceps over biceps since it takes up majority of your arm space.

First Exercise -
Rope/Band extensions:
Simply pull the weight down to the floor. Body position is important, as well as your arm position. Squeeze the reps, go slow on the movement down, move your body position to emphasize the tension.

Second Exercise:
Be careful on the skull crushers- it may crush your skull :P, no on the serious note, it's a great exercise for them triceps. When performing this exercise, you want to make sure the weight is somewhat behind your head, for a full stretch, then pushing upwards to the ceiling.

Third Exercise:
Close Grip:
Close Grip exercise should be a finisher in my opinion but it's up to you. It's a great, basic exercise hitting all triceps. You can go really heavy on this to build mass.

Fourth Exercise:
Reverse Grip Pushdowns:
A great way to establish the mind to muscle connection with your triceps, which in return gives you an amazing feel of your triceps. If you cannot feel your triceps or cannot get that pump, try reverse grip pushdowns!

Tips for building good looking arms!

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Mind to Muscle Connection!
Establishing the mind to muscle connection is very important when it comes to 'bodybuilding,' by establishing this "mind to muscle connection" you'll feel the muscle greater when you're performing an exercise and thus will help improve the damage you're doing to the muscle. You can develop better isolation on the exercise/on the muscle, and you can efficiently target a muscle that you really want to train.

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