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Friday, October 25, 2019

Answering Fitness Questions from Quora (will doing Dips make you a bette...

Answering Online Fitness Questions From Quora [Q&A]

11 questions

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Is it possible to have a successful bulk while only lifting twice a week?

- Yes, it is possible to have a successful bulk while only lifting twice a week, but only if you're doing it correctly. Meaning that your workouts are intense, your diet(bulking) is going proper, etc. By only lifting twice a week, you may be neglecting other body parts, so make sure within those twice a weekdays, you're training your whole body(upper and lower) Maybe split it up within those two days to effectively train.

will dips make you a good bench presser?

- Dips are a great exercise to help build mass in your triceps and chest, so yes, if you incorporate this exercise into your routine, you will be a stronger bench presser. When you go about details, the accessory work, you will develop more strength and muscle due to just training differently; your body is being shocked with a different type of a stimulus which results in gains!

Can you gain muscle mass just by nutrition, or do you have to incorporate workouts as well?

- Building muscle requires you to tear your muscle fibers, so no, you cannot gain mass by just eating healthy. You need to work out intensely, you need to lift heavy, and with volume. When you tear your muscle fibers, then your nutrition comes into play, then your recovery! You're just gaining fat, instead of muscle. However, you may gain a little muscle [mass] but nothing noticeable, I'd say/

Which fitness supplements are best for bodybuilders?

- There are no best fitness supplements for bodybuilders; Maybe if you're deficient in protein or some other vitamins/minerals/nutrients, then yes supplements would be ideal. Supplements are just supplements, they're supplementing something... It's not required. Do the research and find what is good for you and what's the purpose of it.

How can I define the muscle in my legs better?

- To define the leg muscles, I'd recommend doing conditioning work, so lots of reps, perhaps light-moderate weights, feel the burn, feel the contractions, keep lifting and eat clean! Maybe be in a calorie deficit to reveal muscle definition if you have high body fat.

Can your triceps get big by simply doing heavy bench presses?

- Bench pressing requires chest and tricep muscles, so yes, you can build mass on your triceps just by doing bench pressing!

How can I gain weight? My age is 21 but my weight is 60.

- To gain weight, you need to eat. Be in a calorie surplus. Track your calories if needed to see whether if you're eating enough or not.

Is it possible to train resistance training every day with different muscle groups and rates of intensity?

- Yes, depending on how you recover, your nutrition and how intense you go about training. If you're sore, drained, etc, I wouldn't recommend it because most likely your body is telling you to stop and recover.

How do you lose 30 lbs in 30 days?

- To lose 30lbs in 30 days, I recommend being in a calorie deficit, along with eating very healthily, consuming a lot of fiber, vegetables, and daily exercise. Coffee, tea's are good to incorporate, and of course, staying hydrated!

What are the dangers of cutting weight?

The dangers of cutting weight are: being dehydrated, losing vitamins and minerals/nutrients, making you feel lazy, tired, fatigue, loss of motivation, etc. If you're maintaining cutting weight, make sure you're staying hydrated, eating healthy and monitoring your health.

I lost lots of fat after 14-day water fast, now how do I gain more muscle instead of gaining all the fat again?

- You need to focus on clean eating, training hard and make sure you're not overeating or excessively eating junk food. Since you went on a 14-day water fast, you need to nourish your body proper - vegetables, fruits, and other healthy food sources is the key!

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