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Monday, October 28, 2019

How to get your Body Fat Lower

How To Lower Body Fat Percentage

To get your body fat lower, you must understand the basics of how fat is accumulated and how you can lose fat.

Fat comes from calories, the consumption of foods and beverages. Everything you consume contains calories. Within calories are micro and macronutrients, which is more complex to explain but in a nutshell, that is what provides us the nutrients in order to survive and to feel well. Macronutrients should be your #1 priority for today because that is what we're going to be learning.

Weight gain comes from excess consumption of calories; Meaning that you are eating a lot! When you consume a lot of calories, that will put you in a calorie surplus, which results in weight gain. To lose weight now, you must be in a calorie deficit, meaning that you must consume fewer calories throughout the day in order to promote weight loss.

Without being in a calorie deficit, you won't lose body fat, you will continue to build on fat, muscle, and water weight (known as weight.) Weight can be disguised by water weight, lean muscle mass, and FAT. When you're losing WEIGHT, you are reducing all of the above; water, fat and muscle. So when you're going about losing weight, make sure you get enough protein to sustain your lean muscle mass and to continue to promote muscle building.

Macronutrients are important to understand because this is the main block of knowing what you are consuming. Macronutrients are: Proteins, fats, and carbs. Typically, people who consume a lot of carbs are most likely overweight because carbs are more calorie-dense whereas proteins and fats aren't...And because since we modify a lot of foods in this day in age, foods are so tasty that we become addicted to foods, and therefore, that is why we have an obesity problem within the united states. Almost everywhere you go is fulfilled with junk; So what I'm trying to say is that you need to watch your macronutrients.

You need to have a balanced diet/nutrition plan. You cannot just consume a ton of carbs and expect to be skinny. Carbs and fat will make you gain weight easily because the foods that contain carbs and fats are really tasty, and sometimes we end up indulging in the meal. So, with that being said, you have to learn how to avoid excessive food consumption and balance out your nutrition.

I always ensure that I have a balanced meal every time. No excess amounts of carbs, fats nor protein. Sometimes I will have no carbs just because I'm trying to manage my weight, perhaps I had too many carbs beforehand or I'm trying to eliminate carb intake so I can get really lean...

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Macro Nutrient Manipulation 

I go about macronutrient manipulation because it is the most effective way to promote fat loss. I will completely go KETO, meaning that I won't consume any carbs, but only will consume fats and proteins because when you don't consume any carbs, you will drop weight pretty quickly and your body will go into ketosis, which relies on your body's fat to use energy rather than using the food's source [carbs] as energy. You have to understand how food gives us energy.

Carbs, fats, and protein give us energy. However, carbs are what give us the most energy. The most calorie-dense food. 

By manipulating your macronutrients, you are tricking your body's metabolism which results in weight loss. However, once times progresses, your body will become familiar with this method and will no longer probably lose weight. So, that means you must Manipulate your macronutrients again, maybe this time increasing carbs a bit to shock your metabolism, etc.

Foods that contain a lot of food nutrients, vitamins and minerals are the way to go. Considering foods that are rich in nutrients, they benefit the body better. It nourishes the body in a positive way whereas junk food doesn't and it creates a health issue. Foods that contain beneficial nutrients may contain a lot of fiber which does really help with fat loss and just to help out your body in the long run. Many people in this day in age do not eat enough vegetables so they may be deficient in fiber intake, and important vitamins and minerals.

By consuming low calorie-dense foods, you can fulfill your hunger much better and can optimize your health. Junk foods contain an excessive amount of calories and junk ingredients which makes many people fat, and this is why we have a health issue here in the U.S. 

You probably wonder how many athletes and bodybuilders stay so lean but yet contain a lot of muscle [mass] Well, it is because they eat healthily, they know what they are eating, they time their meal intake properly, and they eat proper - not excessively eating, eating foods that are rich in nutrients, eating low calorie nutrient foods, and exercising.

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Exercising Promotes Weight Loss

Above, I mentioned how to lose weight from your diet and nutrition. And now, for the exercise section. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that by exercising, you will lose weight no doubt about that. It's not REQUIRED though to lose weight. In fact, all you need to do is to be in a calorie deficit to lose body fat. However, by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet and nutrition plan, you WILL promote lean muscle mass and you will be more toned. If your goal is to become aesthetic - lean, toned and muscular, then everything you've read is the way to go. You must exercise, you must eat healthily - eat foods that are beneficial, take care of yourself and never go extreme on anything.

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Have fun, track your progress, manipulate your calories/macronutrients to get where you want.

Losing your body fat is easy if you have the determination.

Other Ways to lose fat:

1) Drinking Coffee/caffeine beverages

Since coffee contains caffeine, caffeine is a stimulant that increases the production within your body, so in this case, you're burning more calories just by doing nothing! Be careful though, through water depletion, you're losing vitamins and minerals/nutrients so make sure you're staying hydrated and eating proper!

2) Sweat it out!

Hot showers/baths, sauna, jacket, etc anything to increase the body temperature to lose fat. When your body is hot, it will try to keep the body cool, resulting in fat loss!

3) Thermogenic Foods/items:

Thermogenic foods will help with the role of losing weight. Caffeine is considered a THERMOGENIC Food/item - meaning it boosts your body's temperature. When your body is overheating, it'll sweat to help keep the body cool, resulting in fat loss. So, by finding foods that contain a lot of thermogenic properties, you can lose fat from this method. Another example of a thermogenic food is Hot peppers. Anything that is hot and spicy can be used as a thermogenic item.

4) Appetite Suppressants:

Coffee/Caffeine is one example of an appetite suppressant. When you suppress your appetite, you're not hungry, therefore you won't eat. When you don't eat, you're not consuming calories, which may put you in a calorie deficit phase which in the end, results in fat loss! Appetite suppressants can come from supplements or natural sources such as teas, coffee, caffeine content, etc.

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Well, that was it! Hopefully, I've explained it thoroughly! If not, please let me know!

If you have any comments, questions or anything like that, comment down below!

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