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Monday, October 7, 2019

Tracking Calories | Losing Weight | Reduce Fat | Easy Way to Manage Weight

Tracking Calories | Losing Weight | Reduce Fat | Easy Way to Manage Weight

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So People, when it comes to losing weight or gaining weight, you must understand how food plays a role in us. The food contains calories and macro & micronutrients, however, in this case, we're only going to focus on calories.

Calories are essentially fuel for us, humans. When we don't eat food, we starve and end up losing weight. Keep that in mind.

So people can get carried away with foods and end up excessively consuming too many calories at the end of the day.

See, this is the tricky part. You have to now examine how much calories you're consuming throughout the day. This will give you a good answer on whether if you're consuming too many calories or if you're not consuming too much.

A calorie deficit promotes weight loss

is when you're not consuming a lot of calories, or you're consuming fewer calories than usual, thus results in weight loss. However, your body will adapt over time, so a refeed day, cheat meals/cheat days are all ideal to shock your metabolism.

Calorie Surplus promotes weight gain

Now, a calorie surplus is when you are consuming more calories than usual, thus promotes fat gain.

To find your baseline of calories:

I'd recommend tracking your calories for a week to understand your food consumption, your calorie limit and what you should be doing.
- To do this, you need a calorie tracking app, one of the apps I use is called (Myfitnesspal). It'll give you every information about any food or beverage item; the calorie, macro, and micronutrient content, etc.
- You can set a calorie limit to help with your weight management,
- You'll have an advanced understanding of how food affects the body by macro and micronutrients.

Once you've found your baseline:

You want to either decrease or increase or maintain the calorie goal; By decreasing your calorie limit, you'll reduce body fat, and by increasing calorie limit, you'll gain fat.

Tips for Dieting (Calorie Deficit)

  • 1) Eat Meals - Beneficial and nutritional meals - No junk food; Make sure to have vegetables, fruits, protein, all good and natural foods should be consumed.
  • 2) Limit the snacks - Snacking is good but it can be excessive. For example, people end up indulging in a bag of chips, those large ones which is filled with junk nutrients and calories. You're wanting to go for something better and more nutritional such as fruits, berries, nuts, more of natural things or lean meats and/or chicken, fish, etc.
  • 3) Reduce Carbohydrate Intake - Many people seem to excessively consume too many carbohydrates which leads to weight gain. So by limiting/reducing your carb intake, you'll lose fat dramatically! consider a keto diet for example.
  • 4) DO not overeat - Do not stuff your stomach with food, it'll create many many problems. Eat till you're satisfied.
  • 5) Timing your Nutrition - I recommend timing your nutrition to get the best output. When you time your meals/food intake wisely, you can use it in a beneficial way. For example, I could eat a lot of calories and carbs in the morning or afternoon to help supply the energy I need for the later day and for my workout. However, I do not want to consume a lot of carbohydrates every meal because that'll end up eventually put on weight for me. Carbs provide the body a lot of fuel or energy and it's dense in calories; Choosing the right foods is the way to go!
  • 6) Drink Plenty of Water! When it comes to maintaining a healthy body, you must stay hydrated. Skip those sugary, junk sodas and drink water!

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