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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Worst Foods For Your Health (What's Ruining Your health!)

When it comes to food, it's all fun, right? Well, not really. See, food contains nutrients, and those nutrients play a role in our bodies.

There are tons of food varieties to choose from; We have Mexican food, seafood, plant-based foods, and so on. It's really hard to pick and choose what to eat!
This is where research is needed. Since foods and drinks contain nutrients, you need to understand the basics. Simple google research will give you all the answers regarding the foods you want to know about.
Since many people lack the basics of nutrition knowledge, that is why our world is obese at the moment. Well, currently in the USA is having an obese epidemic - too many people are overweight!
We have so many modified foods that contain so much unnecessary stuff, it's ruining people's health and lives. Fast foods, for example, contain a lot of harmful ingredients but yet it's convenient and cheap. Then we have snacks, which are fulfilled with sugar, carbs, and junk as well. Here's a list I recommend to avoid and never consume.

What to Avoid and What Not to Eat - These are making you fat and unhealthy!

  • Sodas (Has no benefits)
  • Chips (Has hardly any benefits) - Replace with Fruits, veggies, seeds, yogurt, etc.
  • Candy (balance is the key)
  • Bread (Don't be excessive with it)
  • Ice cream (Don't be excessive with it)
  • Fried Foods
  • Fast Foods
  • Tons of Carbs (Don't always eat pasta/bread/noodles)
  • Microwave Meals/Foods (Dinner plates/Instant foods)
All of these items are essentially processed - it is junk to the body, providing it with 0 beneficial nutriens, vitamins and minerals. The key is, to consume/eat foods that contain beneficial nutrients such as seeds, fruits, veggies, yogurt, etc!
Sodas, chips, candy, fast food, microwavable foods are not all good for your health. However, some microwave foods are if you pick out the right brand...
By consuming these junk foods, you're most likely going to gain weight due to the fact that it ruins your health and people can become easily addicted to these foods -  Also, these foods don't fulfill your hunger signal - it'll trick the body's hunger and from this, you'll end up consuming more foods (calories) which results in weight gain.

The Point of Consuming Food

Is to Fuel the body with Fuel. The body needs energy and which from the foods we eat from, that's where we obtain the energy. We want good clean fuel for our bodies, and if we do not put good fuel in our bodies, it'll start degrading over time. You'll notice symptoms, you'll feel your performance drop, and eventually, you'll develop health issues and if not more...
Marketing in this day in age is a crazy thing. People will do absolutely anything to make a dollar. So they'll market anything to make it look good, safe and nutritious. However, you need to be keen on the brand and nutrients within; Many brands look the same and act the same, but deep down, all products/brands are different and contain more/less better quality. So, is it really good and safe to consume fast foods daily for breakfast/lunch and dinner?! NO. So, do your research and only aim for beneficial foods. Organic foods is the way to go. Fruits, veggies, seeds & much more has tons of rich dense nutrients. 

What's Even Worse than Consuming Junk Food

Okay, So we know junk food provides the body with calories, and 0 beneficial nutrients, right. So another problem that many people have is overeating, excessively eating, eating past full, stuffing their mouths and bellies. It is a terrible habit to acquire. You never want to overeat. Overeating has 0 benefits and it'll ruin you. By overeating, you're extending your gut, the calories you've consumed will be stored as FAT and it'll be much much harder to promote fat loss. Now, you're just being a Fat Pig. You have a HIGHER risk of Cancer, Diabetes, and many health issues.

Drinking Sodas? Stop now, It's causing health problems, weight gain, and tiredness.
When we overconsume on sugar, it'll lead to many health issues, many! Such as Weight gain is for one, and second, perhaps diabetes? Who knows, if you keep on consuming sodas maybe you'll find out. Anyways, sodas are nice to consume because they taste like candy in a can, a liquified candy drink. Sodas contain 0 beneficial nutrients and it is loaded with sugar and carbs. You know where those nutrients end up right? If ya aren't exercising, you aren't putting those sugar, carbs and calories to use, so it's going to be stored as fat and you're ruining your health at the end of the day because Sodas contain Excessive amounts of sugar - too much in fact. We, as humans, are only allowed to consume a certain amount of things daily, but since people do not care, they consume way too many sodas throughout the day. Fast foods serve huge and different sizes of sodas cups, many people end up consuming more than 3+ cups daily which is WAY over the limit of consuming sugar for the day...See, us people, or you, are consuming too much sugar. I wonder why people develop and feel symptoms. If you're experiencing:
  • Fatigue / Tiredness
  • Loss of Motivation
  • Feeling bloated
  • Feeling Down/Depressed
  • Sluggish
  • Brain Fog/loss of clarity / Cannot think
  • Need soda to "Feel good or to operate"
  • Always drinking sodas, every minute, every hour
  • Overweight (gaining weight)
  • Just not feeling well overall
  • Decreased performance
  • Decrease Skin/Hair Health
  • Gut issues
then perhaps you should consider eliminating sodas from your diet/lifestyle. Since I have stopped consuming sodas on a regular basis, I noticed that I started to feel good, my skin and overall health started to improve and I loved this feeling. I felt great, alive and motivated. I can think clearly, I can operate at a better level because my performance has increased.
Sodas are huge because of it's marketing campaign - many athletes are commercialized to sell their products to make it seem beneficial. This is all a scheme just to make money.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficient

When people eat like complete garbage, they may be deficient in some vitamins/minerals. Many people, for example, are deficient in either vitamin c/d because for one they may not get enough sun exposure or for two, their diet is off track, they are not eating the ideal foods for vitamin and mineral consumption, they are neglecting the importance of food selection/quality - People who just eat chips, snacks and fast food all day must realize that they need a good source of rich vitamin and minerals, fiber, and other important things. We can receive almost all nutrients, vitamin and minerals if we moderate our diet, eat the healthy foods we are supposed to consume for health benefits and not cause any health issues. People who seem to not care about their life are not scared of developing health issues later on and perhaps a shorter life span.
Simply a google research will let you know if you're deficient in vitamin/minerals. The typical case of knowing if you're deficient or not is by the way you feel, and knowing your diet is like; normally people will feel off-balanced, tired, and just not all there, and so if you were to take supplements or revised your diet, you'll feel much better due to the consumption of vitamin and minerals. Vitamin and minerals can also be depleted by exercise/sweating/drinking coffee, etc. So if you're an athlete, or always running around, you need to really consider your health and food selections. 

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