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Monday, November 4, 2019

Benefits Of Skipping Meals

The Benefits Of Skipping Meals

  • Increased/improved weight loss
  • Optimizing Your Health
  • "Detoxing" Your body
  • Balance Nutrients
  • Gives your body a break
Skipping meals does have some benefits, depending on what time of the day you skip your meals. For example, if you were to skip breakfast, this is known as the intermittent fasting diet method - Going to bed, skips breakfast and ends up eating lunch/dinner only due to the intermittent fasting. You've fasted for 16 hours and for the rest of the 8 hours, you are eating. During those 16 hours of fast, your body has gone through a lot. You may lose weight (Fat or water), your body will deplete those harmful nutrients out of your body/optimizing your health and you're giving your body a break from all the harmful and non-beneficial nutrients that you've been consuming.

Although, if you're a skinny person, I wouldn't recommend skipping meals (unless your diet is complete garbage), I'd bulk instead of skipping meals. Bulk means that you're eating everything (properly) to gain weight and size...

When you skip meals, you may be skipping calories as well. This will help with fat loss because you're restricting calorie intake and this will help ensure that you're on a fat loss process. 

It also depends on what meal you skip during the day. Some meals may be needed whereas other meals aren't. For example, let's say you ate breakfast, WORKED OUT, but want to skip lunch because you ate bad and you wanna lose weight. Well, that isn't ideal to go about because since you've worked out, you've used up a lot of energy, lost a lot of nutrients and your body is screaming for nutrients to help recover and to replenish the body's energy levels.

You have to program when to skip meals essentially. You have to have a set schedule to optimize health and weight loss. You can skip any meal you'd like but that isn't optimal. Skip meals when necessary and avoid times when you need to consume calories for health reasons.

Does skipping meals have any benefits on your health or weight?
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