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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

FITNESS Q&A - Important Fitness & Health Questions (from Quora)

Why Is Dieting SO Stressful?

Dieting can be stressful because of the lack of knowledge. When going about nutrition, there are many many ways to go about it and so I believe so many people are confused and have no idea how or where to begin, so they just dismiss the 'dieting program.' The point of dieting is too either lose weight or improve your health, eating healthier essentially. Well, to simplify everything, I try to avoid all junk foods such as sodas, and chips because I know I'l indulge in those types of foods and beverages. The key is to maintain a healthy eating habit and reduce junk food intake as much as possible, and thus you're dieting.

How Do you Lose weight Easily?

To promote weight loss, you need to burn calories to burn away "weight" or be in a calorie deficit to promote weight loss. This is the main thing you should focus on when trying to reduce fat on your body. When going about a calorie deficit, you are eating less every day, or consuming fewer calories at the end of the day. You need to stay on a calorie deficit for a while til you notice weight loss, and from there, you can continue with the process or decision.

How Do you Feel About Diet Foods?

Diet foods are something that you must examine and reflect on. Everyone has a different way of dieting, their approach, etc. If a diet food is telling you too only eat certain foods, I wouldn't agree with it. Since you're only focused on eating certain foods, you may be deficient in other vitamins/minerals and this will impact your overall health and performance.

How To Avoid Muscle Loss when you are not exercising

To avoid muscle loss, you need to nourish your muscles. Your muscles need protein, carbs and fats. I'd recommend having a high protein diet, make sure you're eating carbs to maintain fullness and take supplements if needed. BCAAS or EAA's are ideal to keep your muscle mass as well. If you can perform cardio/walking/jogging work, that will promote increased blood flow which helps with nourishing your muscles and will keep your muscles rather than letting it slowly degrade.

Is Eating 5 Meals a Day good Compared to 3 Meals a Day?

It all depends on the individual. If you can handle 5 meals a day, and it's for a purpose, then it's ok. If you're an average person and trying to eat 5 meals a day to "gain a lot of muscle or gain weight fast" it may not work. Just because you're eating A lot doesn't mean you're going to grow muscle, a lot. It's all about timing, nutrition and how effective your workouts are. You can eat all you want, but if your workouts aren't focused nor your nutrition, muscle growth is going to be slow. So, with that being said, only eat enough when you're full/satisified. Don't be excessive with it. If you're going to eat a lot of food, I recommend having some tea in your life because that will aid in digestion which will help digest the food better and more properly.

What Can I do to go from Skinny to Muscular?

To be muscular, you must workout and eat. When you workout, you tear your muscles fibers and when you eat, you're helping your muscles recover from the nutrients. So, if you wanna grow big, make sure you're eating a proper diet, high protein, etc. Don't eat a lot of junk. Your body responds much better to healthier and cleaner foods. Also, sleep and daily life activites dictates on the way you grow, etc. If you aren't sleeping enough, you're impacting your growing and recovery stage; If you're constantly stressing or exercising, you're causing too much exhaustion on your body & mind. Your body is a machine, respect it and treat it right and it'll respond much better and effective when you listen to your body. If you're skinny and trying to gain body weight, you need to be in a calorie surplus. You must consume more calories at the end of the day to promote weight gain. ~500+ calories is needed for a constant weight gain.

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