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Saturday, January 18, 2020

How To Get ABS (Summer Shreds)

Abs - the one muscle(s) that everyone wants. Everyone seems to have a difficult time achieving abs. Today, we'll learn how to develop abs.


Depending on your body fat (percentage), you will or will not have abs because if you're overweight or have a high body fat percentage, your abs will be cover with [fat], and if you are skinny or lean, you'll have [visible] abs. ABS muscles are already there, you don't need to work them to get them. So the Key is, is too have a low body fat [percentage].
You should focus on:

  • Diet and Nutrition - If you're eating like junk, expect a junky physique - the cleaner you eat, the cleaner you look (in my experience and opinion).
  • Must be lean to have visible abs - maintain a low body fat percentage
  • Focus on macros - fats and carbs, I'd recommend keeping carbs low to maintain leanness.
  • Ab exercises - exercise your abs twice a week, I'd say atleast.

Exercises for ABS

As mentioned above, You don't necessarily need to workout your 'abs' muscles to get them. You already have them - You must have a low enough body fat to reveal them. By training your abs, you'll shape them a bit but if you're overdoing it, you'll have blocky abs. Block abs aren't that appealing "sexy." Train them but don't over do it. Some muscles surrounding your abs such as your obliques, the side muscles of your abs, (love handles) shouldn't be trained as much. If you're wanting a small waist, don't over-train your obliques. You have to target your upper and lower abs if you want good looking abs.
Some high-intensity exercise such as standing shoulder press, deadlifts, and others can help aid in developing your core. Your core are your abs muscles and the muscles that surround that. Standing workouts utilize core stability which results in core strengthening, and when you train your core, you'll define your physique [better].
Standing presses aren't the only exercises that'll train the core, other exercises will do, such as a plank, etc.

Oblique Workout for ABS

Those exercises above, are good enough to develop your oblique muscles and core. 

Upper Abs Workout

Crunches, High Crunches, Situps, Long Arm crunches and knee Crunches

Low Abs Workout

crunch kicks, bicycle kicks, pulse ups, leg raises, scissors, reverse crunches

Six Pack ABS - Overall ABS Development

Flutter kicks, elbow planks, L sits, Hollow Hold, V Ups, Sitting punches, Side Planks, Sitting Twist, Half Wipers, Knee to elbow, Climber taps

Diet and Nutrition For ABs

  • Stick To Your Healthy Foods
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Eat Your Vegetables - they contain healthy nutrients and fiber; Fiber helps with cleansing your gut, which is essential for a good looking physique and abs.
  • Avoid over Eating.
  • Avoid eating junk foods, avoid eating processed foods such as fast foods, etc.
  • If you're overweight, be in a calorie deficit.  
  • Avoid foods that irritate the gut
  • Stress less
  • Sleep more

The foods that you eat, dictates your physique appearance. Food is so important to pay attention too. Lack of nutrients will destroy your health and physique, By eating smart, you can achieve a greek body physique.


Stomach vacuums: Exhale all the air from within, bring in your core, tighten it up to your spine, tighten it as hard as you can, try to imagine your center, abs is going to the spine, in the back. Hold it for a couple of seconds and repeat. Do this for reps/sets.

How to Get a Smaller Waist

To develop a small waist, it comes down to genetics and weight. If you're over weight then expect your waist size to be high. If you're naturally big or if your waist is naturally big, there's not much you can do. Using a waist trainer helps a bit, it'll help reduce and tighten up your waist. It'll help you train your core muscles, which helps tone up the midsection. Doing stomach vacuums will also help. Don't overtrain your oblique muscles if you want a small-er waist.

V Taper Physique

So, you're probably wondering, Okay, I know about ABs, but the "v-taper" though? The v-taper is an illusion - it comes from the body's physique [apperance]. Your shoulders, arms, and midsection is considered the v taper. People who have big shoulders, nice and defined oblique and abs muscles are considered a nice v taper physique. If you only have abs and no shoulders or arm muscles, you do not have a good "v-taper" physique. 

Supplements and Other ways to get ABS

  • Fat burners to help aid in fat-loss.
  • Water retention (be careful, I wouldn't advise altering your water because of dehydration)
  • Drinking Cofee / Tea to help stimulate fat-loss and to help combat fat gain
  • Keto Diet
  • Maintaining this type of lifestyle.
That's IT!
There's not much else to explain. It boils down to body fat, and how proper is your diet and nutrition. Exercises will only help define them.  


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