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Friday, January 3, 2020

Things To Focus on for 2020 to Make You a Better and Stronger Person

What to Focus on for 2020

The year, the new decade, 2020 is now here. With this being a new decade and year, people have new year's resolution goals. Typically, people want to get in shape, go to the gym and eat healthier. For today's Blog post, I'm going to give you important things you should and must focus on for a better, you.

Focus on Eating Healthy

As you grow older, you're not getting any younger nor is your health; Food plays a huge role on our bodies, it changes us in many ways, it dictates or health and performance. If you're constantly eating fast foods, junk foods, frozen foods, etc, you're harming yourself in the long run. The key is to eat organic and never go excessive with food consumption. By eating healthily, you're promoting longevity.

Focus on Mental Health

People end up having some serious self-issues because of their mental status. Mental health is just as important as body health, the way you look, act, perform and feel. The way you think impacts your whole body, not only your mind. By constantly having mental breakdowns or any issues, you are upsetting your whole body's system. You affect organs, thinking process, performance and much more.
Here are my tips to help improve mental health.

  • A) Self-Reflect
  • B) Avoid toxic Energy/relationships/arguments
  • C) Have a good support system such as friends/family/therapist
  • D) Sleep enough, eat well, take care of yourself
  • E) Focus on yourself only, not others
  • F) Examine your life, determine if there's anything causing any mental issues and remove it from your life.

Mental issues can also arrive from nowhere and anywhere. People can develop mental issues by having a poor diet, thinking poorly/negatively, having people talking down on you, etc.
You must address your mental status in order to live life happily.

Focus on Embracing Life

You're living, which is an awesome thing, but many people dwell on life. You're depressed, sad, lonely, make your life better. You have endless opportunities to make your life amazing. You're the only one who isn't proceeding to do so. You must embrace life as it is, whether if you have a disability or not, if you're in the slums or not, etc. Embrace life, be positive, have fun. Life is too short to be whimpering over the littlest things. You may have everything right now but taking things for granted. If you're living in a shelter, eating daily, have running water for showers, etc, embrace what you got and have, sooner or later, things won't impress you no more - you'll soon realize that life is all about embracing it.

Focus on your Body

People complain about body aches, pain, soreness and always feeling tired, down, depressed, loss of energy, etc. Well people, that is not normal. Something is wrong with you. You need to examine your life and your daily habits and decide what's causing the issue. For one thing, your body is like a machine. If you're treating yourself poorly, then expect symptoms to show. With this being said, listen and take care of your body. Your body needs exercise, plenty of rest/sleep, and less stress. If you're overweight or underweight, that's a huge problem, you must address that asap.
Exercising, focusing on daily habits, and trying to improve yourself is the best way to go about feeling great, looking good and having lots of energy. When you treat your body poorly, you impact so many things within yourself. You may already feel it right now.

Focus On Your Goals!

I know you have goals you have set. I do, and you should. Goals are good to have in place because it gives us something to do and something to strive for; Many people are confused on what to do in life or how to go about it, and so if you set a goal, and stick to the plan, you will achieve your goals in mind or that you have in your dreams. Stay on the goal path, continue to work on the goal, progress in the journey. Whether if it's bodybuilding, Music production, drawing, etc, focus on your goals and make it your passion, make a job out of it, help others, inspire and motivate and continue with it

Focus on Longevity

Life is about having fun right? Well without a game plan, how do you expect to go far...Maybe just go with the wind? Longevity is based on how you approach life - Are you achieving your goals, are you ranking up rather than slowly going back down; Do you have a gameplan that will make you live life happily, perhaps married, having your own house, etc? You need to focus on that. Nothing comes free. No house, kid, marriage will grant you money or property. You need to work for all of that. Many many many people have kids and end up struggling because of money issues or family issues or self issues. Many people do drugs and end up on the streets; Many people do not care or are lazy and use their family to continue with life/living. So, I highly and strongly recommend, continue to work on your goals, achieve them and continue to rank up. Your blessing will come shortly. Also, if you want to continue living well, you must eat well. Nowadays, people do not care about their health and develop so many issues. If you wanna live til you're 90 years old, take care of your body, respect it, treat it right.


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