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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

How to be Anabolic for Muscle Gainz! Muscle Building Tips

Hi Everyone! 

Today we're going to focus on Muscle Building. How to promote Muscle GAINZ and How to Prevent Muscle Loss.



 means that you are promoting muscle, and maintaining mass.


 means that you are losing muscle, muscle loss is happening.

These two terms are important to realize and understand because if you aren't anabolic, your muscle-building journey will be very difficult to progress. Switching between anabolism and catabolism is not ideal. You want to ensure that you're always in an anabolic state, to maintain and to promote muscle-gains.

If you are wanting to grow,

wanting to develop muscle, you must be in an ANABOLIC State. When you're in a anabolic state, you're maintaining and developing muscle-mass, because you are properly nourishing your body and stimulating your muscles. If you aren't properly feeding your body, if you prolonged fast and/or don't exercise enough, you will be in a catabolic state, which no one should or wants to be in because you are losing muscle-mass at this current moment. Anabolism is very important for all people; People who are weak, people who have no muscles, people who want to get bigger, develop bigger muscles, and to stay healthy, you have to do the proper things for your body. In order to stay anabolic, you have to avoid factors such as prolonged fasts, excessive exercise, underfed/malnourished, excessive cardio, constant stress. Catabolism will break down your muscles and it will be very difficult to come back to the anabolic state because it's a patience thing; you cannot just be in an anabolic state within seconds.

Is there an Anabolic Window?

People claim on the net that there is an ANABOLIC Window. Meaning that there's a period of time, a window of time, when you SHOULD immediately consume protein and other nutrients in order to stay/promote 'anabolic/anabolism' - to continue to build muscle and to maintain mass and to avoid/prevent catabolism. This is done right after a workout session since you are breaking down your muscle fibers during your workout sessions. However, there's no solid proof that this is true. Many people seem to be successful even if they eat at the end of the day. On the other hand, if your "pre-workout" meal isn't on point, or isn't nourishing enough for your workout session and post-workout sessions, then perhaps consuming nutrients right after your workout session may be ideal in order to maintain muscle mass and to stay anabolic.


HOW TO STAY ANABOLIC for Muscle Building

To become anabolic - to make muscle and to main mass, you must workout. Working out triggers the "anabolic" state, which now you need to focus on. To remain anabolic, you have to nourish your body with nutrients throughout the day - healthy and rich nutrients.
Poor diets and poor exercise regimes will lead to catabolism, the breaking down of muscles.
You want to ensure that your body is receiving enough nutrients to grow and recover properly; You want to make sure that you're exercising intensely, to really cause hypertrophy. Anabolism is very important if you're a bodybuilder or a person who wants to develop muscles. If you're switching between catabolism and anabolism, you don't have a proper routine in check.

➝The key to being in an anabolic state is;
eating enough/getting enough nutrients, working out, and sleeping/resting. 

- Eat frequently. 
Prolonged fasts may put you in a catabolic state! Always eat! 
Eat every so often
2-4 hours you should eat. Protein, carbs and fats. This will ensure that you're in an anabolic state.
Make sure that you receive enough calories at the end of the day to properly nourish your body/muscles.
Underfed/being malnourished will ruin your body (will put you in a catabolic state)

- Be consistent with your workouts. 
Stimulating muscles activate muscle-building, right? Well, if you don't stimulate/workout, how do you expect to grow? 
Workout 2-4x a week, workout intense, nourish and rest your body properly.

- Avoid Skipping Breakfast "FASTING." 
as mentioned above, skipping meals can be harmful to your progress. If you prolong fast, you'll end up in a catabolic state. So if you aren't eating enough, don't skip your breakfast!

- Sleep well and enough
Sleep is so critical is everyone's life. It really makes a huge impact on your body and health. If you aren't sleeping properly nor enough, you're hindering your progress.

- Manage stress as well.
Stress is bad as it releases cortisol.


How to Prevent and Avoid Catabolism

Catabolism is a no-no for everyone. This means that you are losing muscle as the day goes on. This happens because you are either being malnourished, exercising too much/frequently/too hard/too much of cardio, no sleep, too much of stress or have some type of health issue. People who starve themselves and don't sleep are prone to be in a catabolic state because they aren't doing the right things to nourish their bodies. Your body is trying it's hardest to provide you energy and as a result, your muscles are being wasted; you're losing pounds of fat and muscle. This isn't good overall for your health. So here are some ways to prevent catabolism:

- Don't skip on your meals 
Eat every 2-4 hours to stay anabolic

- Sustained high-intensity exercise, such as running a marathon, can result in the catabolism of muscle as the body needs to break down protein for an energy source. Exercising hard for a long period of time without replacing energy with food and drink can lead to the breaking down of muscle for fuel.

- Don't over-exercise/cardio

- Don't stress a lot 

- Get plenty of sleep

- Don't miss out on your workouts, workout atleast 2-4x a week.

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